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Adjustable dumbbells are a must have for your home gym. Even if you train on gym you should have them back home so even if you miss gym you can cover up. Adjustable dumbbells save up money and space as you won’t have to buy 10 – 20 pairs of dumbbells for your home gym. The specialty of adjustable dumbbells is you can add remove weight based on your need. You can either unhook the rings (for Yes4all Dumbells) or set the dials (SelectTech 552) and pick the right weight. Yes4all dumbbells take significantly longer time for the weight change while SelectTech is real time saver. You just set the dials and pick it up. Read the review here.

Build quality of Yes4all adjustable dumbbells

Taking about solid build, you can’t go wrong with Yes4all dumbbells. The weight plates are cast iron. The handles are diamond knurled chrome. The handles are durable cast iron that prevents rust or corrosion for lifetime use. 16 inch diamond knurled chrome handle bars are covered with plastic material. Plastic cover on the handle bars will prevent your palms from bruising. Some of the dumbbells may be a little loose then the others but they won’t come off as easily. Of course you can contact customer support for a replacement. Yes4all customer support is highly active on amazon and responds faster to the questions.With this type of dumbbells you need to make sure the collars are tightly screwed around the plates to prevent weight displacement injuries. The process is tedious but is a must. But with Yes4all you are on the safe side as the star lock collars come with loose resistant rubber trims which makes sure that the star lock collars don’t come off that easily. Makes them the most secure dumbbells. The diamond knurled handles provide secure grip but can become uncomfortable for prolonged use.

We suggest you get a soft rubber bicycle grip. I use mine with a pair of soft rubber bicycle grip when I’m bare handed. Cut the grips horizontally so you can place or replace them on the handle bars.

Using gloves can make using them easier as well

The plus of having iron plates is the plates won’t wear like the rubber dumbbells. Rubber dumbbells actually wear on day to day use. Although rubber dumbbells are comfortable, style and safe to use but rubber needs more maintenance. Iron dumbbells are odorless. Rubber dumbbells will last a long time if used by one person or used carefully.

Yes4all adjustable dumbbells features

  • Comes with different weights. It offers 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105, 200 pounds
  • Weight plates fit 1inch or 1.15inch standard bars. Weight plates fit 1inch diameter handle bars
  • Cast iron plates covered with black paint
  • 14 or 16 inch diamond knurled chrome handles. Chrome handle bars are textured so they won’t slip and provide secure grip
  • 2 star lock collars on each side of the dumbbells with rubber bands lock the weights in place. Provides a safe and secure work out session and easy weight changes
  • Weights of the plates are marked on the plates
  • Extra plates can only be bought for 1” standard bars of 40, 50, and 60lb dumbbells
  • All the dumbbells are sold as a set of two except the 52.5lbs set is a single dumbbell. May smell like paint the first day, wipe them down and the problem will be reduced or solved. The smell is
  • hardly noticeable and will wear off fairly quickly though. Benefits of Yes4all adjustable dumbbells

Saves space

You no longer need to much space for different pairs of dumbbells. All you have is a good pair of dumbbells, you just change weights and you’re good to go. This helps you save money and space. If you can spend a little more then I would recommend getting Bowflex SelectTech 552 as it looks badass, no more messy weights laying on the floor and it’s safe as well.

Changing weights

Yes4all supports wide range of workout routine. Beginners can start with 5 pound weights. Mid level trainings can do with 15, 18 and 20 pound units. 40, 50 and 52.5 pound weights are for higher weight workout sessions. Changing weight isn’t hard actually. I kind of like changing weights in between the workout sessions as they take my mind away for a moment.

Adding additional weight

You can buy additional weights but make sure the hole in the center of the weight is compatible with 1 inch handle bars otherwise they won’t fit. Weights don’t wobble if the collars are locked in tight. There’s no chance of weights falling off from the handle bars causing injuries. Handles weigh about 4 lbs and collar is 0.5 lbs.

So what do you get when you order 52 lbs set?

50 pound set includes two handles, four collars, four 3 pound plates and four 7.5 pound plates.


When buying dumbbells you have to go by weight. Each pound costs somewhere around $1-$1.25. Check out the current price at Amazon.

Do they ship internationally?

They do ship to continental US up to 200 pounds (based on the questions answered on different listing pages). US addresses include HI, APO, AFO, P.O. Box, PR, VI, Guam. The dumbbells are shipped via USPS or UPS within 48 hours of payment received and should be delivered within 3-5 business days. If you need more customized information please drop them a message at They respond fairly quickly. They however don’t provide international shipping.

Should you buy them?

I fail to see why not? Yes4all dumbbells are cheaper than buying fixed weight dumbbells, takes much less space and they are heavy duty. Of course you can get Bowflex SelectTech 552 if you’re looking for a cool set of dumbbells that changes weights faster but no harm getting these for a cheaper price.

Yes4all Adjustable Dumbbells
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