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Super Nintendo Classic Mini

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Bring back your childhood with the new super Nintendo classic mini retro game console. Start playing all the NES classic games from your childhood.

We all loved SNES classic games growing up, didn’t we? Nintendo brought back the joy once again with their new Nintendo mini SNES game console. This mini super NES classic edition comes with SNES games we all loved.

The super Nintendo classic console looks and feels like the 90’s super NES but smaller and includes 21 fully loaded games!

This mini super Nintendo comes with 2 joypads just like the original one. To make it even sweeter, the SNES mini is also compatible with the classic controllers which means you can plug your old controllers (if you have them stored which is very unlikely, but congratulations if you have them! That would be super cool!) and start playing right away!

Check out this super cool gaming headset, this will keep your wife from getting suspicious thinking you’re busy with this super NES again!

Super Nintendo Classic Mini
Super Nintendo Classic Mini

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