Samsung Fingerprint Door Lock


Home is where happiness is. We all need security and privacy. The problem with traditional door locks is you forget or lose your key, you’re doomed! Fingerprint door lock will not leave you locked out if you forget your keys, in fact you don’t need keys with fingerprint biometric door locks.

Fingerprint door locks will only allow you or anyone else with the fingerprint stored in them, leaving unauthorized intruders out of the house.

The amazing Samsung biometric fingerprint lock can be programmed for up to 31 user codes and/or RF ID‘s and 100 fingerprints. It fits from 40mm to 80mm thickness. You need to push if you want to enter and pull the lever if you want to exit. The fingerprint lock features automatic locking. It is a keyless door lock. It recognizes some NFC items. The Samsung fingerprint lock is battery operated with emergency power contact.

The Samsung biometric lock is a modern design front door lock which would complement your door. It is very easy to use with digital touchscreen and numeric keypad and a fingerprint reader. You can use the touch keypad to enter a password. The automatic door lock sensor is sturdier and more durable than cylindrical locks.

You can enable double locking which prevents the door from opening from outside of the house. This push button door lock plays a warning sound, locks the door and stops operating for 3 minutes after 5 failed entry attempts. Even if the intruder is able to open the door while the lock is still on, the Samsung biometric lock will play a sound so everyone can be alerted.

The electric door lock can sense fire and activates the alarm when temperature reaches a certain degree. It also saves power by using the proximity sensor, which means when you walk up to it, it wakes up and gets ready for you to use and enter. It also plays a low battery warning so you can replace the 8 AA alkaline batteries. The battery life of this fingerprint door lock is 12 months at 10 uses per day.

Samsung Fingerprint Door Lock
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