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NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 Jump Starter

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Genius Boost is not just built to provide sufficient power to start an engine; it also has safety system in place that protects you.

 Why Should You Buy NOCO Genius Boost PRO BG150 Car Jump Starter?

  • Rated at 4000 amps (22,500 Joules3S) Genius Boost is the compact yet the most powerful lithium jump starter available in the market today. It provides you with up to 80 jump starts on a single charge.
  • You can safely connect Genius Boost to any battery with the help of its ultra-safe spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
  • Includes an ultra-bright 100 lumen LED flashlight. The flashlight has 7 light modes that includes SOS and Emergency Strobe.
  • Enables you to recharge your personal devices like smartphones, tablets and 12-volt devices.
  • Designed for both gas and diesel engines up to 10+ Liters for a car, truck, boat, diesel pickup, commercial vehicles, equipment and more.

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

More jump starts per charge with NOCO Genius Boost

NOCO Genius Boost GB150 Jump starter is designed to work with Diesel and Gas engines of Trucks, Boats, Commercial equipment, Busses and several other engines with capacity of up to 10+Litres.

NOCO Genius Boost PRO has an Ultra Safe lithium battery inside which is capable of delivering up to 80 full power jump starts per charge. It is also amazing that a lot of safety measures has been put in place to avoid any kind of accident. Even if you touch the clamp together or hook up to a battery backward, there is still no negative impact.

The capacity of NOCO Genius Boost PRO GB150 is over 1000 charge cycles and it is capable of retaining its charge level for over a year with so little power loss.

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

Jump starting at full power

Vehicles are mainly started by joules and not the misconception of Peak amps. Starting time of an average vehicle is 1-3seconds, which makes the peak amps worthless. Battery boosters potential can be revealed with a consistent actual power output for a period of time.

‘Joules 3s’ Just as the number denoted 3; it means the actual amount of power delivered in 3seconds. Don’t be deceived by the high amperage ratings placed on jump starters, because amps without time and voltages is invalid.

NOCO Genius Boost functions with high displacement gas and diesel cars, trucks, boats, commercial vehicles, and equipment, and is safe on engines of any size.

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starting a Car

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Starting a Car

Half in size but delivers more power

IF you compare NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 jump starter with any 3,000-amp lead-acid jump starter, the GB150 provides 22,500 joules versus 7,500 joules. This makes NOCO Genius Boost 3 times more powerful and 2 times smaller. The device is lighter too.

Integrated voltmeter of NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150

NOCO GB150 has an in-built voltmeter which reads the voltage of the battery of the vehicle. This helps with enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Having sufficient track of a battery’s voltage is vital in understanding the problem. Assuming the voltage is above 12V and you’re experiencing difficulty starting up the engine, it may not be the battery that’s causing the issue. This demands you look for the problem elsewhere.

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Volt Meter

NOCO Genius Boost Jump Volt Meter

Recharge USB devices using NOCO Genius Boost

NOCO GB150 Boost features a 12V power port which enables you to charge accessories with a power rating of 12V which includes inverters, tire pumps, and more. With 12V input, it has the capacity to fast recharge.

With Genius Boost you can charge your USB devices with a 2.1A USB OUT port. This can be also used as a means to charge any USB powered device, such as; a smartphones, tablet, GPS and many more. Furthermore, there is a 2.1A USB IN port that makes Genius Boost universal to receive recharge from any USB port, such as; a phone charger or laptop.

NOCO Genius Boost recharges 4X faster with XGC.

You can recharge NOCO GB150 using any USB-powered port, try a wall charger, car charger or even a laptop charger, just make sure the volt rating matches. But be aware, it may require 11 hours to full charge the device.

With XGC on board, you can use the vehicle’s auxiliary port to charge, and use its rapid charge technology to accelerate your recharge time. XGC makes the recharge process 4X faster. Full charge around 2 hours. In just 15 minute you can accelerate from zero charge to jump starting.

Genius Boost includes an Ultra-bright 500-lumen 10X LED flashlight.

The rechargeable LED flashlight of NOCO GB150 is lithium-powered that includes seven light modes. Includes a SOS and emergency strobe. It can get acquainted with different kind of environment with its ability to set different luminosity settings.

It will help you in different emergency situations like emergency engine check, changing a tire or even warning the vehicles passing by if you’re in need of road side assistance.

Genius Boost includes an Ultra-bright 500-lumen 10X LED flashlight

Genius Boost includes an Ultra-bright 500-lumen 10X LED flashlight

What’s In The Box?

  • NOCO Genius Boost GB150 Lithium Battery Jump Starter
  • XGC 12V Male Adapter
  • XGC 12V Female Adapter
  • XGC Extension Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Microfiber Storage Bag
  • User Guide & Warranty Information

Technical details:

Brand NOCO
Model GB150
Item Weight 1 pounds
Product Dimensions 7 x 12.3 x 2.7 inches
Item model number GB150
Batteries Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Manufacturer Part Number GB150
Folding No
Voltage 12 volts
Starting Current 4,000 Amps (Peak)
Joules 3S Rating 22,500 J3S
Battery Type 12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries
Internal Battery 88 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion
USB Input 2.1 Amps
USB Output 2.1 Amps
XGC Input 12 VDC, 5 Amp Rapid Charge (3 Hour Recharge)
XGC Output 12 VDC, 15 Amp Power Supply (i.e. Tire Pumps, Inverters, LED Lights and More)
Gas Engine Rating 10.0 Liters or Greater
Diesel Engine Rating 10.0 Liters or Greater
LED Flashlight 500 Lumens


  • 4000 amps (22,500 Joules3S)/80 jump starts
  • NOCO GB150 will not only protect you from reverse hook up, but from dangerous sparks that can ignite hydrogen gas at the battery
  • Ultra-bright 100 lumen LED flashlight with SOS function
  • Ability to recharge personal devices
  • Designed for 10+ liters heavy engines


  • Lithium batteries do not work very well in cold temperature.
  • It comes with no chargers of any kind whatsoever.

Is it worth getting?

Provided you are searching for a portable jump starter, NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is the best choice for a car jump starter. I have it for my Chevy has a 4.3l Vortec V-6 gas engine, works perfectly so far.

Overall the NOCO Genius GB150 is a superb jump starter that is powerful and safe to use. Its small size makes it practical to carry even in a backpack. You can’t go wrong with this one.

NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 Jump Starter
NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 Jump Starter

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    Eric Walker at

    Good to hear your valuable inputs guys. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. My truck wouldn’t start last night, I wasn’t worried at all as I have my NOCO genius. I was heading back home minutes later.

  3. Reply
    Tyron MIcheal at

    This has been a life savior severaltimes last 6 months. My V6 motor is old and sometimes she refuses to start!

  4. Reply
    Kyle Sanders at

    Compact and works exactly as stated. Very good Jump starter.

  5. Reply
    Tyson Lagerra at

    This jump starter starts my V8 engines like a new battery. I tried a few jumpers but this one beats them all. It held 420 Amps and held that for 20 seconds which is fantastic! If you’re thinking about picking this guy I’d say stop thinking and get it. You can’t go wrong with noco genius boost.

    • Mine came with a missing instructions catalog lol, a few emails to the customer support and received a brand new catalog 2 days ago.

  6. Reply
    Edisson Mura at

    A great jump starter. Starts my diesel truck just fine. Definitely recommended!

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