LG Signature OLED wallpaper TV 65inch 4K


This freaking amazing LG Signature OLED wallpaper TV will turn your otherwise ordinary wall into a window of high definition virtual reality! This TV looks like it came from ‘Back to the future’ movie! It’s 4k, 65 inches and comes with a sound bar from the future!

Why LG Signature OLED Wallpaper TV?

Ever imagined the TV in your lounge turning into a lavish painting? Well, LG OLED65W7 offers you the choice. This TV is often referred as “Wallpaper TV” as it is based on a wallpaper concept. The 2017 OLED model delivers 25% higher peak brightness and better color. It’s provided with four HDR formats: HDR10 and Dolby Vision as well as HLG and Technicolor. This amazing model lets you enjoy the breathtaking scenes of your favorite movies and lets your eyes experience the perfect combination of colors. You can see more details than any other 4k TV’s available on the market today.

It needs to be mounted on the wall with just a few coins and magnets stacked together and leaves almost no gap between the wall and the panel. The screen is only 3.85 mm deep which is super thin! Once it’s attached to the wall, it looks like a part of the wall. The 65-inch model weighs only 18 pounds. A lot less than many other 32-inch LCD TVs. So you can attach it almost anywhere without any hassle.

The TV comprises of two parts: the OLED panel and the main AIO box.

The OLED panel comes with:

* W7 Wall Mount
* 1 Magic Remote
* 1 Slim Card Remote
* AIO (All-In-One) Box

The AIO box is actually a separate speaker bar. Everything else you need is housed in that box. The box is connected to the OLED panel with a thin cable. In the backside, it has 3 USB inputs, 4 HDMI inputs, 2 video inputs, 1 optical input and and a socket for the cable which is connected to the OLED panel.

The speaker bar includes two speakers firing upwards and two firing out towards the listener. Also supports Dolby Atmos. So it creates more open and room filling sound offering a home theatre experience.

Special Features:

OLED panel comes with two remotes. The Magic remote has direct buttons for Netflix and Amazon. One click and you’re on Netflix! The other one is for basic control of the TV. And if you want, you can control the TV using a free remote app available for iOS and Android.

You can zoom in and record a zoomed section of any picture by using the Zoom Record option.

The model offers you a 360 degree view right on your TV screen. Just drag the pointer using the Magic remote and look around! Isn’t it amazing?

Last but not the least, choose any wallpaper on the OLED Gallery and add a little beauty to your lounge when you’re not watching TV. Or you can even choose your own photos to appear on the screen.


* Super thin and light weight
* Excellent picture quality
* Zoom Record option
* 360 degree feature
* Built in Wi-fi
* Wallpaper feature
* Useful for gaming


* Can’t adjust the viewing angle as it sits flat on the wall
* Speakers are not designed for surround and overhead sounds and almost no bass
* Speaker bar doesn’t support full Dolby Atmos setup
* Expensive

Should You Buy It in 2019?

The LG OLED65W7 is like no TV you’ve ever seen. Despite all the shortcomings, the “Wallpaper TV” concept is jaw dropping. It surely is an asset if you can afford it. Yes it’s a 2017 model but it’s unlike anything we see on market today and still a great buy. In fact my friend bought one for his home and the TV is super cool still in 2019! So Unless you have another TV in mind, I’d say give it a go.

LG Signature OLED wallpaper TV 65inch 4K
LG Signature OLED wallpaper TV 65inch 4K
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