Kona Non Stick Grill Mat


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Kona non stick grill mat is 0.39mm thick, can be used over 1000 times on one side, POFA FREE.

Kona non stick grill mat, best grill mat for your money

Why a non stick grill mat?

Because you need to keep small items or parts falling through the bbq grill. Not to mention you need to protect your food from catching fire when you spray flammable cooking oil on a hot grill. Oh and not to mention those leftovers on the grill, that can be nasty. A non stick grill mat can keep you on a safer ground.

What’s good:

With a thickness of 0.39mm it’s like those as seen on TV grill mats but better since it’s definitely the thickest non stick grill mat. It is probably the only grill mat that can withstand a temperature of up to 600 degrees! Safety is guaranteed with this non stick grill mat as it is POFA free.

Kona non stick grill mat can be used over 1000 times and that too on one side, a whooping total of more than 2000 times usage for both of the sides probably makes it the best grill mat. this probably is the reason why the top grill-masters and professional chefs across the globe love it. We definitely wouldn’t advice you to use the mats that many times though.

Cleaning up this mat is very easy. You can also keep your steaks, chickens, veggies on it even when you’re not using the mat on the grill.

This grill mat comes with a hassle free 7 year grilling accessories guarantee that covers accidental overheating.

This non stick grill mat is better than any other grill mats but the secret is to let it reach cooking temperature before you throw anything at it. It even leaves grill marks on the meat.

Why should you choose Kona non stick grill mat??

If you’re looking for the best non stick grill mat you can choose Kona bbq grill mat as it’s probably the thickest, most durable mat. People love it, check out the reviews on Amazon.

Kona Non Stick Grill Mat
Kona Non Stick Grill Mat
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