Iron Man Helmet – Marvel Legends


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We all love Iron Man. Don’t we? Not only because of his humor but also because of the coolest ever Iron Man suit. It’s a delight every time to see Robert Downey Jr getting into the Iron Man suit¬† on screen.

Growing up as a child I always thought Iron Man is awesome and I always wanted to be him. If you share the same vision, now is your chance to become thanks to this Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet.

The helmet is so cool that even the eyes light up! How cool is that? It has 2 LED lights to light up the eyes. It also has electronic sound effects to make your friends jealous. Don’t be a fool though, it’s only a toy, cannot be used as a motorcycle helmet. And it’s a full size helmet so it’s definitely not for your kids.

Check it out now.

Iron Man Helmet – Marvel Legends
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