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Coffee was introduced in Italy during 1500 and has developed its own culture shortly. Things about coffee is unique in Italy. The day starts with a cappuccino after breakfast, a caffè macchiato during afternoon break and an espresso after dinner. Italians have seemingly mysterious laws about coffee. If you ask for a latte there, you’re going to receive a glass of milk! If you ask for a cappuccino after 11 a.m. you’ll be labelled as tourist! The same goes if you ask for a to-go cup.

Typical Italian breakfast includes a pastry paired with a delicious milky coffee. The types most morning begins with are:

  1. Cappuccino: Espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk mixed equally
  2. Caffè latte: It’s an espresso but with less foam and more steamed milk
  3. Latte macchiato: Usually steamed milk, but “marked” with espresso splash

If you want to look like you’re not a foreigner there do not order these coffees after 11 a.m. Milky coffee is morning only. Do not order any of these in the afternoon.

Caffè normale can be ordered any time during the day. It’s an espresso. Although an espresso is a small shot of black coffee but it’s a strong shot. Italians like to grab an espresso as an afternoon sip, especially after a meal.

This unique infographic below will introduce you with Italian coffee.

Everything about Italian coffee.

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