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As we use the coffee makers, calcium and certain other mineral deposits can accumulate in the machine. If you do not clean the machine in timely manner, they can and will definitely reduce the brewing temperature and the water flow.

If the coffee machine needs to be cleaned, the “Cleaning” indicator will flash at the end of the brew cycle.

Once this happens, descaling should be done as soon as possible. Cleaning right away will maintain the performance and keep it durable. If you use it too often, you should clean the coffee before the light turns on.

Steps involved:

for any descaling solution, the cleaning steps are pretty much the same. I will discuss about a few different descaling agents in this article.

But for now, let’s get started.

  1. Start with removing the water filter.
  2. Make sure the brew basket contains no coffee or coffee filters.
  3. Run the coffee maker, complete a Clean cycle using a full tank of the descaling solution.
  4. Commence the cleaning cycle by pressing the BREW button. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the “Clean” indicator will turn off.
  5. If the machine still shows the cleaning indicator light even after the cleaning cycle is complete, restart step 2 until the cleaning needed indicator no longer illuminates after brewing. The indicator light means the machine hasn’t been properly cleaned.
  6. Rinse the Coffee Maker by running it through few brewing cycles using a full carafe of fresh, cool water each time, until the brewing water is crystal clear.
  7. Take the brew basket and carafe and wash them in hot, soapy water.
  8. Rinse with hot water.

Different descaling agents and descaling the coffee maker:

White Vinegar: Take equal amount of vinegar and water. Mix them and start brewing.

Baking soda: Take 1-quarter cup of baking soda and mix with warm water. Fill up the carafe with the solution and pour in.

Alka Seltzer Tablets: These tablets are used when there are troubles with your stomach, you can use them to clean your dirty coffee maker as well. Take 10 ounces of water and fill the coffee maker, put 3-4 tablets in the water and start brewing. 

Commercial descaling agent: Follow the directions found on the package carefully when using a commercial descaling agent. Follow the recommendations for the process.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Add twice the amount of water for the amount of apple cider vinegar. Pour in and start the brewing process.

Lemon Juice: The process is pretty much same with apple cider vinegar. For apple cider vinegar, add twice as much water. Pour in and start the brewing process

How do I fix my KitchenAid coffee maker?

In case the coffee maker is not turning on, check if it’s plugged into a power outlet. Make sure you press the power on button on the outlet. If still nothing, I think now is the time you should call the service center.

Why is my KitchenAid coffee machine making noise?

If your KitchenAid brewer takes longer than 10 minutes to brew a full pot or makes loud or unusual noises when you are brewing, it’s likely that the machine has excess scale buildup.

Now it’s time to run the descaling solution and clean your coffee maker. Repeat the descaling process if the issue isn’t resolved after the first attempt.

What does err2 mean on a KitchenAid coffee machine?

The error codes can mean different problems depending upon which model you have.

For models that start with KCM5:

Err1 If the coffee maker is near an outside wall in a cold climate, or if the water is quite cold, this error may display. Move the coffee maker to a warmer location or us slightly warmer water.

Err2  – An electrical component has been dislocated within the coffee maker.  There is no repair for this issue.

Err3 – Control has detected that the sensor is not changing temperature during warm-keeping (it should record constantly changing temperatures). There is no repair for this issue.

Err4 – Stuck button. Press and release all buttons

How do I configure my KitchenAid coffee machine for auto brew?

Press the “Automatic setting” button once and it will flash the hour setting. Press the “Up” button until it gets to the desired hour setting of the preparation process.

Press the automatic set button again and this time the minutes setting will flash. Use the up arrow to set the minute you want it to start the brewing process.

How do I reset my KitchenAid coffee machine?

Press the POWER/BREW button, this will reset the coffee maker machine. If the coffee maker has been stored or used in a cool environment, before commencing the operation warm the coffee maker to normal room temperature.

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