Funny Belly Waist Dad Bod Bag


Do you know girls love dad bod beer belly? perhaps you didn’t, but now you know. Yup they do, check out this Youtube video, this and this video, weird? Yup! But hey, it’s true! So if you’re a a gym guy and now you feel like an idiot, don’t worry. You can now have dad bod and the body of your dreams altogether. Get this Dad bod bag and make your girl smile.

It’s a hilarious bag. The quality and made is solid, it’s not flimsy and looks very real. They did it so perfectly that even the hair looks real! Because of its shape the bag has more space so it can be very practical in addition to being funny. Oh and since the bag is light weight, it’s very comfortable to wear. A friend of mine wore the bag on the beach and he sure turned heads with a smile.

Check out the dad bod bag.

Funny Belly Waist Dad Bod Bag
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