Funny Baby Pacifier Mustache

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Bored? Get this funny baby pacifier for your baby and let the little one suck it so you can roll over floor laughing! Everyone finds it super funny and cute! You can also get this funny baby pacifier for a perfect gag gift.

This funny baby pacifier is 100% BPA free, can be used by infants and toddlers of any age. The nipple is small enough for babies aged 0-6months. If you’re looking for¬†pacifiers for breastfed babies you can use it. The pacifier is soft and flexible, mustache cannot be detached from the pacifier. It features orthodontic nipple design and a silicone nipple. The shield is made of firm plastic and features ventilation holes.

This mustache pacifier may be designed to get great laughs but safety and quality has not been spared. The creators of it stated they have created this baby mustache pacifier for their son too when he was a newborn. In fact the baby in the pictures is actually their son.


  • Mustache made of soft, flexible teether material.
  • The mustache, is made of high grade rubbery non toxic material.
  • The mustache is permanently affixed to the pacifier and it’s nearly impossible to detach.
  • Orthodontic nipple design helps prevent nipple misalignment.
  • The nipple is flattened on the bottom and rounded at the top.
  • During sucking it flattens in the baby’s mouth just like a mothers nipple which provides reduced pressure on the gums and developing teeth.
  • Meets safety standards.
  • It can be washed with hot soapy water.
Funny Baby Pacifier Mustache
Funny Baby Pacifier Mustache

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