Best Full Length Mirrors of 2020

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Every family need at least 1 full length mirror either for their bedroom or for the dressing room. A full body mirror is useful in many ways. You can dress sharp but you may not know how you look overall if your mirror doesn’t let you see your whole body.

Full length floor mirror bedroom

Regardless whether you get a floor length mirror or a full length wall mirror, we’ve selected the 10 best full length mirror you can buy for your home.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out.


1. Nicetree Full Length Mirror with Lockable Jewelry Storage – 


Nicetree full length mirror comes with a stand and and enough storage space for your jewelry. The wooden frame is solid, doesn’t wobble. This full length mirror is incredibly easy to setup, it’s going to take less than 20 minutes to put it together. The locker comes with keys so you can lock the storage and keep your jewelry safe. There are areas where you can store your earrings, neckless etc. You can store your watches, headphones in the drawer.

It’s very popular on Amazon, 1900+ positive ratings. Check it out.


2. AOOU 6 LED Lights with Lockable Jewerly shelves


The AOOU full length mirror with jewelry cabinet has an appealing door/wall mounted design. The cabinet also features a key lock to make sure that your expensive ornaments and cosmetics are stored safely. This multi-purpose door hanging mirror with cabinet features a wall mirror, multiple slots for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and cosmetics products. In addition to that, the cabinet has two drawers as well. The frameless design of this full length door mirror is very appealing and modern looking. The modern design of the Armoire is enhanced by the presence of automatic LED lights. The cool and soft blue light from the LEDs add to the aesthetics of the cabinet’s design.

This mirror is popular on Amazon.

3. QUANYOU Wall Mounted Full Length Mirror with LED light and Storage For the Bedroom


This mirror is everything you need. This has tons of options to accommodate all your Jewelry. The mirror is sturdy and very well made. It will hang neatly on your bedroom wall. Plenty of shelves to store your watches, neckless, pins, bracelets and earrings. The mirror is nice. The mirror is easy to setup and it looks elegant.

4. Nicetree wall mirror with LED lights and storage Cabinet


A very beautiful wall mirror. Enough storage space for all your jewelry. The uniframe large mirror is fantastic. Now your jewelry wont be scattered everywhere. Check this out.

5. SONGMICS Extended 4.9″ Depth LED Full Length Mirror


This wall mounted mirror comes with 6 drawers, LED interior lights and a lot of shelves. The extra space makes it look a lot less cluttered. If you have big necklaces you may have problems storing them. So check out the reviews to get to know what you’re getting. But overall it’s a great cabinet with solid build quality.


Full Length Mirror With Stand and LED Lights

6. SONGMICS Full Length Mirror with Stand and LED lights


Absolutely beautiful mirror with stand. It looks premium and expensive. It’s a wide and tall mirror with enough space for all your Jewelry, watches, neckless and rings. The inside lights up when you open the mirror. Solid construction and wonderful finish. The LED lights look beautiful. But there are a number of users reporting that the LED lights sometimes don’t work so if you want to get it, make sure you become aware of this issue.

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