10 Best Full Length Mirrors of 2020

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Every family need at least 1 full length mirror either for their bedroom or for the dressing room. A full body mirror is useful in many ways. You can dress sharp but you may not know how you look overall if your mirror doesn’t let you see your whole body.

Full length floor mirror bedroom

Regardless whether you get a floor length mirror or a full length wall mirror, we’ve selected the 10 best full length mirror you can buy for your home.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

1. LANGRIA Full Length Standing Mirror with Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

LANGRIA Full Length Standing MirrorGetting ready for a party or an occasion was never this convenient, thanks to LANGRIA’s latest jewelry cabinet with a full size mirror. The head-to-toe view from the extra wide full length mirror allows you to dress flawlessly by keeping every minor detail of your look in check.

Six built-in LEDs automatically illuminate the inside of the cabinet as you open its door. The elegant look and aesthetics of the cabinet’s design makes sure that you fall in love with it at the very first sight.

The jewelry cabinet of the full body mirror has ample storage space for housing your ornaments and cosmetics.

All your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be stored in an organized and neat fashion within the cabinet. The cabinet features 108 earrings slots, 36 earrings holes, 18 necklace hooks, 18 bracelet hooks, 84 ring slots, 1 pouch and 11 cosmetics storage compartments which is quite extravagant and enough for your jewelry storage needs.

For user’s convenience, the standing full length mirror comes packed with an instruction manual. This full length standing mirror with lights is our top favorite.



Color: Espresso with LED lights

Armoire Dimensions: 14.4 x 3.6 x 47.1in. (36.5 x 9.2 x 119.6 cm)

Mirror Dimensions: 9.3 x 42in. (23.5 x 106.6cm)

Stand Dimensions: 16.1 x 14.4 x 37.6in. (40.9 x 36.5 x 95.5 cm)

Mirror Weight with Stand: 12.5 Kg (27.6lbs.)


  • The front mirror conceals the jewelry and cosmetics
  • Spacious design and good storage capacity
  • Extra wide mirror for full head-to-toe view
  • The cabinet features a key lock, a magnetic door catch, and three tilt angles for better view
  • Soft and elegant black velvet lining protects the jewelry from scratches
  • Elegant design and luxurious look
  • The LED lights turn-on automatically to illuminate the jewelry cabinet as the door is opened
  • The cabinet stand features four upper horizontal holes on each side for the adjustment of tilt angles for a better view


  • Won’t house perfume bottles and small makeup products
  • The cabinet base isn’t sturdy enough
  • Not ideal for storing big sized bracelets and earrings with short hooks

The cabinet should not be placed in damp environments to avoid deformation. Batteries should be removed if the LEDs are not used for extended periods.

2. AOOU Full Length Wall Mirror with Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

AOOU Full Length Wall Mirror with Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

The AOOU full length mirror with jewelry cabinet has an appealing door/wall mounted design. The cabinet also features a key lock to make sure that your expensive ornaments and cosmetics are stored safely.

This multi-purpose door hanging mirror with cabinet features a wall mirror, multiple slots for necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and cosmetics products. In addition to that, the cabinet has two drawers as well.

The frameless design of this full length door mirror is very appealing and modern looking. The modern design of the Armoire is enhanced by the presence of automatic LED lights. The cool and soft blue light from the LEDs add to the aesthetics of the cabinet’s design.

The frameless design of the full length wall mirror features a high-quality looking mirror at the front. The 47.2 x 14.6 inches wide wall mirror allows the users to have a complete and comprehensive look at their torsos.

The wall mirror cabinet contains tons of storage space to store the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, lipsticks, sunglasses, scarves and other beauty products.

The outer structure of the cabinet is made of top-quality P2-Standard (American Standard) wood. The wood-based design is lacquer free and environment friendly as well.


  • Wall and door mounted mirror with large jewelry storage
  • The door holder is Magnetic
  • Safe and discrete storage of items due to the key lock
  • Degradable inner cloth lining
  • Comes with automatic LED lights
  • Long warranty of 24 months
  • Three different adjustable angles for better viewing and length customization
  • Multiple shelves for storage of items
  • Large unframed front mirror
  • Lacquer-free and environment friendly design


  • The cabinet full length mirror design only allows wall or door mounting
  • The cabinet mirror door doesn’t fully open and halts at around 90 degrees
  • Earrings storage is not sufficient

The cabinet might give away the slight odor of glass glue after being stored for extended periods. Air drying of the cabinet after un-boxing is recommended.

3. Kings Brand Upholstered Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

Kings Brand Tufted Standing Floor Mirror

Apart from being home décor objects, mirrors serve a practical purpose in the households as well. Whether you have to brush your teeth in the morning or get all dressed up for a party in the evening, the presence of mirrors is so obvious that it is often overlooked.

Apart from their practical dimension, mirrors are also commonly used in the interior design and home décor. They provide a clean, elegant and aesthetic look to the walls and floors. From simple to fancy and from transparent to colored, floor mirrors for home décor are available in countless designs, patterns, and materials.

The upholstered design of the standing floor length mirror from Kings Brand exhibits a unique style which blends in perfectly. The light and subtle color scheme ensures that the mirror blends in seamlessly into the existing design of any room.

The upholstered frame with faux leather padding and shiny crystals provides a glittering look to your living space. You can have a quick yet detailed look of your attire in the mirror before leaving home or before a date.

The floor mirror is tilted with a durable wood frame covered with faux leather. You can stand this mirror against the wall of your room so you can view your whole body. The mirror comes in 4 different colors, White, blue, black and silver.


  • The floor standing mirror can be stood against the wall, thanks to the durable wooden frame
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Upholstery is tufted with large rhinestone jewels
  • Safe and shock-resistant packaging
  • Great customer support
  • Build quality is great


  • We wouldn’t recommend you hang it on a wall or a door, the weight is too heavy
  • No built-in LED lights

4. NeuType Thin Aluminum Full Length Mirror

NeuType Full Length Mirror

The NeuType is the elegant looking full length mirror with standing holder which is ideal for your bedroom and dressing room. The mirror can be made to stand using the holder and can also be hung on a wall.

You can have a nice head-to-toe look at yourself, thanks to the large 65 x 22 inches dimensions of this mirror. This multi-purpose full body mirror can fit right into your bedroom, living room, locker room or corridor. It can either be used for its practical utility or simply for the sake of aesthetics.

The outer frame is made of Aluminum alloy which ensures rust-proof and sturdy build. The high-definition silver coated mirror provides a vibrant and lively reflection. The mirror thickness is only 0.2 inches which makes it quite lightweight.

The mirror also features a floor stand which is retractable and detachable. The full length mirror can also be hung on the walls or behinds the doors using the invisible slots at the back. The multi-layer construction of the mirror ensures longer life span and provides prevention against scattering as well. The mirror is available in a number of frame colors to match perfectly with your décor.


Dimensions: 65″x22″x1.18″

Mirror Thickness: 5mm

Front dimensions: 0.4cm (0.16″)

Back dimensions: 1.5cm (0.59″)

Side dimensions: 1.4cm (0.55″)


  • Safe and scatter-resistant glass
  • Copper-free silver mirror construction
  • No discoloration
  • Can stand on the floor or mounted on the walls and doors
  • Large size ensures a complete head-to-toe view
  • Availability in four frame colors: Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Retractable and detachable floor stand for free-standing
  • Sleek, elegant and stylish design
  • Sturdy design, strong and high-quality build


  • None so far

5. Crown Mark Espresso Full Length Floor Standing Mirror

Crown Mark Espresso Cheval Floor Mirror

The high-quality Espresso full length floor mirror from Crown Mark carries a brown wooden cheval finish and classy design. The ingenious design ensures easy assembling and practicality. The overall product dimensions are 18.8 x 18 x 58.6 inches and the total weight is 17.7 lbs.

The mirror size is 16.75 x 47 inches and it comes unassembled. The mirror is a floor standing mirror which has an adjustable floor stand that provides a unique look and adds to the aesthetics of the ambience.

The full-length size of the rectangular mirror ensures a comprehensive and detailed head-to-toe view. The tilt angle of the mirror is also adjustable for enhanced user convenience.


  • The mirror is easy to assemble
  • Classy and elegant design
  • Adjustable mirror tilt angle
  • Aesthetic design and long life span
  • High-definition and clear reflection regardless of the tilt angle
  • Great build quality and design
  • Very stable free-standing and swivel without wobbling
  • Adjustable floor stand for free-standing


  • The mirror legs might get wobbly over time and care must be taken while moving
  • Mirror size is not adequate for taller people

6. Roundhill Traditional Style Wood Cheval Floor Mirror

Roundhill Traditional Style Wood Cheval Floor Mirror

The Roundhill wood style cheval floor mirror flaunts a cherry finish and traditional queen Anna style. The mirror provides a full body reflection and adjustable tilt angle for convenient usage. The elegant free-standing design holds a swings mirror between stylish turned posts and curved bracketed feet. The legs also have a stretcher between then for increased stability.

If you are fan of classy design and oval shaped cheval mirrors then this mirror is a perfect fit for you. The mirror is available in multiple color themes. Cherry finish is the most popular one followed by black, white, and oak themes. This cheval-style mirror design with full-body reflection is ideal for traditional home décor.

The oval mirror design with wooden frame also incorporates a high-quality durable floor stand which allows the tilting of mirror for enhanced functionality. The mirror provides a clear and crisp full-body reflection which can be adjusted by tilting the mirror up or down. The mirror does require some assembling but that is not very complex.


Dimensions: 22.5W x 16D x 59.25H in.

Weight: 15 lbs.

Material: Wood


  • Outer frame is made of solid wood
  • Multiple finish options and color themes
  • Traditional queen Anna style full length floor standing mirror
  • Assembling is very easy
  • The mirror is of perfect size for all heights
  • Adjustable mirror positioning and tilting
  • Stretcher between the legs for enhanced stability
  • Detachable floor stand
  • Clear reflection without distortions


  • The reflection might make you look thinner than you actually are
  • The mirror might get tilted on its own even if the screws are tightened


7. Hans & Alice Rectangular Full Length Floor Mirror

Hans & Alice Rectangular Full Length Floor Mirror

The Hans & Alice full length mirror is perfect for your dressing requirements. It provides you a full-body head-to-toe reflection so that you don’t miss out any details in your dressing. Apart from its practical design, the mirror also adds to the décor and aesthetics of your room.

The mirror carries a smooth and stylish rectangular Champagne look. The 59 inches long full-length mirror can be collapsed to a 2-inch depth which makes the storage and handling of this mirror very convenient.

The simple and classic design of leaning floor mirror blends perfectly into the décor style of any room. The mirror is quite lightweight and the tilt angle can be adjusted to provide multiple viewing angles. The hooks on the back side can be used to hang the mirror on the wall or on the door.

Other than that, the mirror can also be made to stand on its own, thanks to the retractable and sturdy floor stand. This simple yet classy looking mirror will surely add to the style of your home.

The frame of this simple yet elegant full-length mirror is made from particles coated champagne steel. All sides of the reflector are trimmed using the quarter inch slants in order to enhance the design aesthetics.

This mirror provides a detailed and clear full-body reflection and is ideal for your bedroom or bathroom.


Overall Size: 65″x22″

Size of glass: 61.8″x18.5″

Thick mirror plate: 0.7”

Material: Glass & Wood

Color: Champagne


  • Explosion-free and scatter-free full body mirror design
  • Suitable for hanging as well as free-standing
  • Sturdy and stable floor stand
  • The mirror is large enough so you can use it as a vanity mirror, in your bathroom
  • 1-inch thick mirror plate is more durable than the common 3mm thick mirror plates
  • High quality wooden frame
  • Clean and elegant style which is perfect for vintage and modern ambience alike
  • Classy and chic design


  • As it’s not a big mirror, you can mount the mirror on your bedroom wall
  • Higher price tag

8. Naomi Home Mosaic Style Full Length Vanity Mirror

Naomi Home Mosaic Style Full Length Vanity Mirror

The Naomi Home Mosaic Style full-length vanity mirror is a popular choice. As the name suggests, the frame of the mirror is decorated with creative and gorgeous looking traditional mosaic pattern. This vanity mirror is ideal for use in your living room and bedroom.

Due to its large size and full-length design, this mosaic style mirror is ideal for your living room or bedroom. The dimensions of this mirror are 31.5 x 0.75 x 61.25 inches which makes it suitable for decoration purposes as well.

The beautiful mosaic design on the frame is an instant eye-catcher. The elegant ornate design beholds the attention of the onlookers and amplifies the mirror’s charm.

This elegant mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally or it can be leaned against a wall to suit your taste and style.

If you want to provide a touch of opulence to your bedroom or your living room, you should be using this mosaic-style mirror from Naomi Home. Naomi Home Mosaic full length mirror gets its versatility from its multiple colors and sizes.

This modish mirror can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally. It can also be leaned against the wall to enhance the wall design. This mosaic styled full body mirror from Naomi adds a regal and opulent feel to your living room.

The availability of this mirror in multiple colors and sizes provides you with the choice to match the mirror design according to your home décor.


Color: Copper, Black, White, Gold, Silver, Champagne, Rose Gold

Size: 65.5 x 31.5 inches


  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Full-length mirror provides the head-to-toe view
  • Elegant classic design and opulent look
  • Frame construction is durable and is easy to maintain
  • Back side of the mirror is covered with craft paper to avoid dust accumulation
  • Clear and high-definition view without distortions


  • Absence of the floor stand
  • It’s a pretty heavy mirror


9. ONXO Full Length Large Floor Mirror

ONXO Full Length Large Floor Mirror

The ONXO full length mirror is a great decoration accessory for your bathroom, living room, or dressing room. ONXO is the slickest and the most beautiful full-length mirror of our list.

The mirror frame is made of antirust Aluminum alloy which ensures strength, durability, and long-life span. The use of shatter-resistant glass makes this mirror safe for common household use. The mirror can be mounted on the wall or on the door in order to save space.

This slim bezel mirror has the dimensions of 65 x 22 inches which is ideal for living room, bedroom, or cloakroom. The mirror exhibits an eye-catching design which immediately grabs the attention of spectators and leaves a lasting impression on them.

Apart from being installed on the walls or doors, this mirror can also be simply leaned against the wall for easy and practical use.


Overall Size: 65″x22″

Mirror Size: 64.5″x21.2″

Color: Gold

Material: Classic PS frame

Floor Stand: Adjustable & detachable

Package Size: 68″x25″x4.72″


  • Three color options available
  • Strong and rugged anti-rust Aluminum alloy frame
  • Hollow slots and brackets at the back for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Sturdy and adjustable floor stand
  • Mirror is made of shatter-proof glass.
  • Shatter-proof glass construction of mirror
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Elegant design with high quality build


  • Getting the screws in the right place is somewhat tricky
  • The metal frame is quite lightweight and not as thick as in other models

10. TWING Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Mirror

TWING Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Mirror

The practicality and the elegance of the TWING Jewelry Organizer Armoire Cabinet make it an excellent storage unit for your jewelry and cosmetics. The wall mounted design of this cabinet ensures the space saving and compactness.

The 360 degrees revolving makeup shelf offers tons of convenience in terms of practicality. The full-length cabinet mirror provides a head-to-toe reflection of your attire. This excellent jewelry cabinet provides you a neat and organized way of storing your precious jewelry and cosmetics products.

The armoire cabinet features 32 necklace hooks, 48 stud earrings holes, 90 earrings slots, and multiple shelves for lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner, and other beauty products. The spaciousness of the cabinet makes sure that all of your beauty items find a place in the cabinet no matter how extensive your collection is.

With the large-sized cabinet mirror you don’t have to go to the bathroom to check the details of your outfit before going on a night out. The mirror provides a clean and clear reflection to make sure that you look amazing.


– Color: White Jewelry Cabinet

– Material: Real Glass, Quality MDF, Soft Velvet

– Product Size: 14.56”L x 3.94”W x 63”H (37 x 10x 160cm)

– Armoire Weight: 23.45lbs (10.65kg)

– Simple Assembly: Yes


  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • 180 days damage replacement
  • Lifetime customer service warranty for the mirror
  • 360-degree shelf rotation
  • Mirror width is 10.25 inches
  • Spacious and roomy design
  • High quality build material
  • Easy assembling
  • Larger mirror than almost all other jewelry cabinets available in the market


  • The cabinet might move a little on its own
  • The design is a bit wobbly and not very sturdy
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