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Dyson V8 Animal – Buyers Guide 2019


Note: Since Dyson V8 Animal is discontinued, we’ve added the newer more powerful Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal. Check it out now!

HEPA Filter, Cordless lithium powered vacuum cleaner. Cleans animal hair, fur real good.

Features of Dyson V8 Animal at a glance:

  • The Dyson V8 Animal is a cord free vacuum cleaner with the most powerful suction
  • Because of lithium batteries it provides up to 40minutes of powerful fade-free suction
  • The Dyson V8 includes whole machine HEPA filters. The HEPA filter expels cleaner air
  • Converting a Dyson V8 vacuum into a handheld vacuum takes a few seconds. Effortless wall and furniture cleaning
  • Accessories of Dyson Animal include docking station, combination tool, and crevice tool, mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush
  • The bin size is 0.14 Gallons

Dyson Animal removes pet hair and deep cleans carpet

The brush bar includes a powerful motor. The motor drives stiff nylon bristles that goes deep into the carpet pile and cleans any form of ground-in dirt and sucks up pet hair.

Quick transformation to a handheld vacuum

It can very quickly be converted to a handheld vacuum. This comes handy to clean difficult. This feature makes the Dyson V8 Animal very attractive.

No cord, no hassle cleaning

The Dyson Animal is a cord free vacuum cleaner thus it doesn’t limit your movement or it doesn’t require you to plug in while operation. You can get your place cleaned up with ease.

Dyson Cordless V8 provides fade-free suction for up to 40minutes!

The Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum includes fade-free lithium ion batteries. These batteries make sure the suction remains strong.

Includes a Hygienic dirt ejector system

With a high level of hygiene, it can pressure out trapped dust and debris with just a single action. Physical contact with the dirt is not necessary.

Expels clean air thanks to its HEPA filters

The Whole machine HEPA filtration is so awesome; it collects allergen and produces very clean air that is cleaner than natural air. This helps with breathing better.

2 Tier Radial cyclones system

The system includes 15 cyclones set across two tiers that work in parallel. Increases airflow to capture fine dust more effectively.

Runtime of max power mode before battery runs out

You can enjoy 7 minutes of high power suction for the dust that needs extra powerful suction. Just slide the switch to select higher power.

Reaches up high very easily

It is lightweight and ergonomic, which gives it the ability to be able to clean high-up places with a single smooth motion.

Includes crevice tool

Specially made for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps

Motorized brush bar

The motorized brush bar is powerful enough to take care of animal hair and dirt that are stuck in tight spaces.

Empty bin without touching it

You don’t need to take care of the bin yourself, all you have to do is to push the button and the bin will let it out.

Cool wall docking station

Leave your Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner on the docking station, the docking station will recharge it so you can have it ready anytime you like.

Technical Specifications:

Brand: Dyson
Model: Dyson V8 Animal
Item Weight: 5.63 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 9.8 in X 49 in X 8.8 in
Batteries: Lithium ion battery. (included)
Charge Time: 5 Hours
Run Time: 40 Minutes
Suction Power: 115W

The Dyson V8 Animal review

Do you have pets in home? The Dyson V8 Animal Stick Vacuum is specially engineered for your home as it cleans dust, animal hair and allergens. The v8 Animal is a model down from the famous V8 absolute. With an amazing filtration system the Dyson V8 can work continuously for up to 40minute, the V8 is of no doubt a better version.

For pet owners, I recommend you use Dyson cordless Animal for a satisfying and easy clean. The Dyson V8 makes cleaning very easy by introducing a two powered heads and variety of detailed tools.

Dyson Animal is loaded with features such as; Supreme suction, extraordinary big motors, rotating brush. Let’s find out more about the accessories of the Dyson V8 Animal vacuum cleaner.

Features and accessories of Dyson V8 Animal

Many confuse the V8 cordless to the V6 cordless vacuum cleaner, because the V6 also has a cordless feature. But in reality, they are beyond comparison; the V8 is a better version of the V6, with more power, awesome built in filtration system and a longer run –time of up to 40 minutes on standard use.

An amazing feature also introduced to the Dyson V8, is the power -boosting “MAX”. It is a slider switch located above the motor housing. The big red clip is positioned just in front of the switch.

To dump the dust and waste collected by the vacuum cleaner, place the cleaner right above the bin and pull the clip, this lifts up the entire cyclone assembly. Just half way out of the bin, the flap beneath the bin opens, and there you go, your waste is dumped to the bin just like that. The process is smoother than you can imagine and is fun to do.

The V8 provides a satisfying hand feel, creating a gun like hand position and a trigger on/off switch. It has an amazing battery, placed just at the right place, doesn’t just serve as a means of power, but also focuses its weight to render support to the motor and the 0.54 liter bin.

There are two filters that function on this device. The first, which is the principal filter can be found externally above the cyclone area and the other which is the post-motor filter is located at the rear.

These two captures tiny particles down to a size of 3microns. You can easily remove both of the filters to get them cleaned.

Wondering how to clean the pet hair stick in your carpet? Consider using the Direct Drive head of Dyson V8. It is highly effective for both pet-hair and general cleaning.

The direct drive head works effectively with the help of a small motor within the brush bar, this brush bar stretches its head wide to carry out an outstanding edge to edge cleaning. The brush bar beats and cleans carpets efficiently as well. With the help of its row of stiff bristles and also a row of carbon filaments it ensures fine dust are not left behind during hard floor cleanups.

You should consider getting the Dyson Absolute model as it cleans the hard floors efficiently by using its head to remove fine dust found in parquet and laminates. The Direct Drive brush found on the Absolute model cleans carpets and hard floors the same as Dyson Animal. All these heads make the Soft Roller fall to almost the last spot on the list of carpet or hard floor cleaners.

We don’t preach to people about the rotating brush bars for softwood floors because the Direct Drive head’s nylon bristles are much less in length to the carbon filaments. The small front wheels of the head keeps the brushes high during operation making it difficult to reach the floor which in turn makes the brush unable to sweep firmly. Carbon filaments do the same job merrily.

The nylon bristles beat the carpet real deep since the front wheels sink into the pile. The V8 Animal provides you with so much freedom in movement due to its rotating head and pivoting abilities, letting it to get deep beneath furniture that has low ground clearance like sofas.

An awesome feature that makes this head standout for pet owners is the ease with which the bar can be effortlessly removed for cleaning and detangled. With just a turn of the coin-slot panel at one end, the bar slides out easily. The reverse operation is also easy with no complications.

The Mini motorized tool also uses the same cleaning method applied in the brush bar; this tool, with a width of over 14cm has a combo of its own motor, tilting plate and a brush bar accompanied with double rows of taller nylon brushes.

Recommended and best used for steps, upholstery, pet bedding and in the car. It is a powerful piece, very easy to use and attached directly to the body of the V8 Animal.

The combining dusting brush /flat tool used with the Dyson’s good-size crevice tool can give us a more professional cleanup. You can find these tools attached to the body or extension tube of the cleaner. A wall dock and charger are also part of the accessory list, the wall dock enables your Dyson cordless to be fully charged and ready to use at all time.

How does it clean?

Dyson Animal has an extraordinary suction power, working with standard mode will give you a superb clean up, and when the motorized tools are attached to the body, it provides an outstanding result.

The Dyson V8 is not totally silent, but produces low noise during operation, operating at around 75dB or almost the same as a quiet mains-powered vacuum cleaner.

To get a more awesome breathtaking cleaning result, it is best you switch to MAX mode, the suction power will go through the roof as well as the noise.

The Direct Drive head gives a better result when cleaning open carpets. All power/granule mix was expelled with a single pass on the carpet test. Irrespective of which side the head of was against the wall, the head did and extraordinary edge cleaning.

When running on standard mode, the lower suction is opposed by the powered brush bar. These two work alongside which produce good cleaning result for a longer run-time. The MAX mode can also produce a speedily and better result in less time.

Just with a single pass, our spilled oats were cleared leaving no evidence of leftovers or flicking particles.  The open front and flexible plastic bar at the rear made the head way more productive for hard floors and MAX mode is unnecessary to use this time.

Let’s see if the Dyson V8 Animal can live up to our pet hair challenge.

How does the Dyson V8 Animal cope with pet hair?

You can call this test as Acid test for the V8 Animal which was carried out to figure out the effectiveness of the V8 Animal and it passed with flying colors. Hence, bringing an end to the search of a vacuum cleaner to keep your carpet clean from pet hairs. The Direct Drive head is making life so easy in tidying your environment, and the result is always great, regardless of the mode it runs on (Standard/MAX mode).

We have a beautiful dog called Pitty with long hair that always falls deep into the carpet, and our Labrador coat also continuously keep shedding everywhere with its weighted, oily hairs. We have combined both kind of hairs and hid them deep into the carpet.

In standard mode we had a great result, the premise was cleaned in 8-10 second, while on MAX mode we had an awesome result, the area was clean in 6-7seconds. This result is incredible and makes the Dyson V8 Animal to rank among the best pet vacuum cleaners.

Next we shifted our attention to the sofa and switched on to the Mini Motorized tool, we were certainly not disappointed with the result. Even when working on the loose sides of the sofa that requires lower suction, the Standard power mode was still a perfect match.

To get a more detailed cleaning on your carpets or floors requires you the using tools or heads with amazing suction power. Try using motorized heads to carry out your carpet or fabric cleaning, because it does an exceptional job and its bars can easily be removed for cleaning.

We operated on MAX mode when dealing on hard floors that gave the sheer suction the needed push to absorb hairs and fur balls and hence accelerating the cleaning process. Even in standard mode you still get an outstanding performance.

What is it like to use on the stairs?

Similar to the V8 Absolute, cleaning the stairs is done way better than the Absolute model. With amazing features such as it being weightless, cordless, powerful, and the Motorized Mini-tool which is the best match to work on carpeted stairs. You can bank on its speed, effectiveness, simplicity in navigating around corner steps, and when powered to MAX mode the V8 Animal dominates all other mains-powered cleaners.

Charging and Run-time

A new Dyson Animal vacuum comes with a single built-in battery and when tested, it took four hours of charging to reach full charge. The manual tries to be more meticulous by declaring maximum time to reach full charge as 5hours, which means you need to be patient while waiting for your device to be fully charged and ready to be used when you run out of power in the middle of a cleanup.

The Dyson V8 Animal is made with the perception that you won’t run out of energy, it works continuously for up to 40minutes when operated on standard power, and switching to a MAX mode, it runs for 8-10 minutes with the non-motorized detail tools.

When these tools were attached to the Dyson Animal, the longevity was reduced but performance was increased, it could only run for 25 minutes in this case and on MAX mode it could only last for 7 and 8 minutes.

Users may prefer the MAX mode whenever heavy duty pet hair cleaning is needed. Although using the standard mode can produce almost the same result, but it is much slower in performance.

An added advantage is the trigger style on/switch which saves power and accelerate cleaning period. The trigger works better because you only pull the trigger when in use, and when not in use, you let it go.

A standard switch works the opposite, it remains on as you walk between rooms hence the 7-8 minutes for the trigger is a total clean up time.


We do recommend that users with polished wooden stairs best use the Direct Drive head attached to the cleaner body. Because the floor is quite delicate and the Mini Motorized tool stiff bristles can scratch the floor due to its quick response in picking up a granule of dirt. Though this device is capable of doing the job perfectly well, but it can be a bit more unhandy due to its bigger size.

The dusting brush and crevice are built to provide superior and satisfactory cleaning. The dust around your shelves, PC vents and keyboards can be cleared in no time with the dusting brush bristles, a soft and long device.

The crevice tool has a row of air-relief channels of moderate length, good shape, and that prevent it from getting stuck with the suction power of the V8 Animal. It provides the best result ever for chasing fur balls in corners, behind pot plants, under radiators and on floor-level shelves, it works wonders.

  • The suction power is Class-leading
  • The floor head design is awesome
  • Picks-up pet hair like a pro
  • You get a Mini-tool for dog beds, upholstery
  • Emptying bin is very easy
  • Regular power run-time is Up to 40-minutes
  • Comes with a wall dock charger
  • Small for pet homes with several pets
  • V8 Animal isn’t better than V8 Absolute for hard floors

Is it worth getting?

The pet-specific cordless cleaner that does the job right! Bested only by Dyson’s own V8 Absolute for hard floors.

Personally I only go for the best in anything I do, and I believe Dyson V8 is the best Dyson Cordless Vacuum in carrying out exceptional cleanup for pet owners, so easy to use and a great cordless versatility. Despite the bin being small, it’s not a big deal because you can dump the trash in a second.

Overall yeah it’s a great cord free vacuum cleaner and gets our whole hearted recommendation.

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Dyson V8 Animal – Buyers Guide 2019
Dyson V8 Animal – Buyers Guide 2019
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