Download a copy of everything Google knows about you

We have recently discovered how much data Google stores about us. We were shocked to see the details! We at Products You Can’t Refuse care about your privacy which is why we wanted to come up with a post to let you know how you can delete everything Google stored about you.

Google lets you download a copy of everything you have stored with them including Google drive, Calendar, Gmail and Hangouts. Google lets you download the archive to make sure you can create a backup of your current Google account and create a new account and restore everything.

It’s really easy to download everything you have stored on the company’s server using Google services. This can be very useful if you decide to quit Google, delete your account entirely and want to keep a record of your stored data. This is useful if you want the records of your calendar, the photos you took and saved in Google Photos or a copy of your mails in Gmail.

Note: Before you proceed, please know downloading your data won’t delete it. This is backup copy only.

This video which is done by Todd Haselton from CNBC explains how.

How to download everything Google knows about you from CNBC.

Let’s start:

Navigate to You can select the individual services and download from here. Select the services you want to download records from such as bookmarks, Calendar, Maps, YouTube history and all. Once you’re done, hit next. Select 50GB if you have a lot of pictures stored. Select how you would like to download your archive from Delivery method dropdown method.

It’s a good idea to email the link to your Hotmail or any other account and download it from there. Click on Create Archive. Archive creation takes time. It may take up to 2 days or 24-48 hours depending on what Google has stored about you.

Once the archive is ready, you’re going to receive an email that says download your archive. You can proceed to download the archive from there. The archive may take time to download depending on your Internet speed.

Prepare to be amazed!

Once you’ve downloaded the archive, go ahead and delete them all.

This video shows more in depth about what information Google stores about you and how to delete them.

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