BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer Review 2020


BUNN NHS Velocity Brew is known to be fast; You can make 10-cup coffee within 5 minutes. If your family likes to drink a lot of coffee, this is the machine you’re looking for. You can also prepare hot water on demand. Thanks to the newly designed sliding water tank, the coffee maker can be placed in a compact place. So, if you want a hot, quick coffee, Bunn NHS Velocity Brewer may be the coffee maker for you.

BUNN is also known for its fast and elegant single-cup brewers to multi-cup models. BUNN NHS Velocity 10 Cup Coffee Brewer is one of the best choices for anyone looking to buy a coffee machine for their home.

BUNN has a reputation for its high-quality products that cater to the needs of coffee and tea lovers.

Here is a detailed review to help you understand if this is the coffee machine you want or not!

Bunn nhs brew coffee maker

What’s good?

The new sliding design of the water tank is more accessible than the opening of the old models. If you have low overhead cabinet space, this is the model you’re looking for. It’s a budget-friendly machine that brews 10 cups of coffee under 5 minutes.

The solid build and 3 years warranty make it worth buying, in addition, the showerhead guarantees a rich and smooth flavor thanks to the showerhead.

However, you’re only limited to brewing hot cups of coffee, no fancy coffee brewing with this model.


The stainless-steel water reservoir holds 10 cups of coffee (about 50 ounces). I figured one brew of 10 cups of coffee is enough for the whole day. BUNN claims it keeps the water at the perfect 200 ° F distribution temperature and makes the machine able to deliver fresh coffee faster.

You can serve a full pot of delicious fresh hot coffee in about 3-4 minutes.

The multi-stream spray head ensures a uniform distribution of water over the coffee grounds and thus ensures a flavorful aroma.

The large flat-bottom filter allows for a stronger interaction between hot water and ground coffee. This guarantees the optimal extraction of the flavor, the secret behind high-quality coffee.

Appearance and Design

If you have a small space for a coffee maker in your kitchen, this is the model you’re looking for. You don’t need much over headspace as the lid doesn’t go up!

With the new design, you simply turn the swivel head opening and pour the water in! It is much more practical and accessible than the traditional loose lid design. This is useful if you have minimal space under your cabinet.

Some users complain about it. Well, I like it, I kind of think the traditional lid design is prone to breaking in the long run!

Bunn NHS Velocity Brew may not seem attractive to many customers. To be honest, this coffee maker is not designed to look good. But I find no problem with the styling department. To my eyes, the coffee maker looks ok. Nothing I can complain of. The brushed steel and black plastic design are pretty good if you ask me.

The overall design is pretty simple. You can almost feel that Bunn is in favor of performance over appearance. But don’t let the appearance fool you. After all, the coffee machine has to make delicious coffee and Bunn coffee maker makes it efficiently.

Bunn nhs brew coffee brewer


The size of the BUNN NHS Velocity Brewer is 13.7 x 11.6 x 9.1 inches and the weight is 8.2 pounds.

Shower Head

The showerhead has multiple openings that guarantee even water flow on the coffee grounds. Everyone knows how important a good shower head is. This design helps you make the most of your coffee beans and none of them gets wasted. What do you get as a result? A flavorful strong coffee.


Bunn Velocity Brewer lives up to its price with a commendable performance. For total dissolved solids (TDS), the brewery achieved a TDS value of 1.2%, which is slightly lower than the ideal TDS of 1.25%. In other words, it means that the taste of the brewed coffee is wonderfully flavorful. Ensures a high-quality flavor that will make you enjoy your coffee even more!

BUNN NHS velocity will take just over 3 minutes to brew 10 cups of coffee at a time! Now that’s fast if you ask me.

Carafe and hot plate

The glass carafe has a patented design of lid and spout for easy pouring. The engineers even thought about the design of the carafe so that the coffee doesn’t come out and spill over the countertop every time you pour your favorite drink.

The internal water heater is designed to stay on at all times so you can get coffee as quickly as possible. It also has a built-in porcelain hob to keep coffee warm at 150 degrees Fahrenheit long after it has done brewing (for more than 4 hours).

Brewing experience

The Bunn NHS Velocity Brew also delivers a great brewing experience, thanks to its exclusive shower head design. The showerhead has several openings through which water can be distributed more evenly over the ground coffee.

The speed of brewing of this appliance is one of the fastest on the market for a 10-cup coffee machine for home use. Velocity Brewer can serve a whole pot in just over three minutes.


Although it lacks versatility in brewing options, the cups of coffee this particular model brews don’t taste bad at all. It brews fast yet flavorful coffee. You’re going to love the rich, smooth and delicious tasting coffee.

Water tank

The internal water tank has a heater designed to always stay on so you can get hot coffee as quickly as possible. The tank is made of stainless steel, perfect for bringing water to the desired temperature. As stated previously, the hot water tank keeps the water at a perfect temperature of 200 ° F. But in our own testing, we figured the temperature is 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Does it make much difference? If you ask me, well it doesn’t. Your tongue won’t know the difference, plus the taste is great.

There is also a built-in hot plate that will keep the coffee hot even if you’ve brewed the coffee hours ago.

You can get some hot water if you’re craving for some evening tea of beverage. This can be handy during the flu season when we need hot water real quick for some tea or soups.

Easy to use

The use is particularly facilitated by the absence of sophisticated buttons or control panels of any kind in the configuration system. There is one non-labeled power switch that gets the job done. You can use it by setting the light switch to “On” or “Off”. The design is very easy to use and perfect for those who are always on the move.

No fancy programming, no fancy beep sound. Simply push a button and your coffee will be ready. It should be done in just three minutes! This makes the coffee machine perfect for senior citizens.

Velocity Brewer can pre-heat the water so you can quickly prepare your coffee at the ideal temperature. To do this, you need to add water to the tank and allow it to warm up for several minutes before adding the ground coffee.


Yes, the machine includes some plastic parts but because of its brushed steel build, it is believed that Brewer will survive for a long time. Also, it comes with a 3-year guarantee. That says a lot about the trust and belief the company has in the longevity of this product.


Any machine that operates with water needs some form of maintenance. You should clean and maintain it based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some say it’s a high maintenance product but I haven’t found that hard to do. You clean it and dump the grounds, run some white vinegar every once in a while, and it should be good to go.


Some of the users have reported that the coffee maker gets hot after being connected for a while and working for long periods of time. Although the heat isn’t like it’s going to burn your fingers, it is something I thought you should be aware of.


  • 3 years warranty
  • No beeping sounds
  • Easy to clean and easy to operate
  • Fast brewing time. The entire jar takes only 3 minutes to brew
  • The smart spout prevents dripping. Hence, no mess
  • Instant hot water
  • The heating plate keeps the coffee warm
  • The swivel lid of this 10-cup coffee maker makes it easy to pour water inside the water reservoir
  • Compact in size
  • The reservoir is easy to fill
  • Solid build quality
  • Usually quiet, only makes a loud sound for a minute when it’s heating up the water


  • Needs improvement on the Spout design
  • Warming plate needs to turn off manually, no automatic turn off
  • Does not use universal filters
  • There is no stop valve when the carafe is removed


The Bunn Velocity Brewer may not be the perfect coffee maker. While it has its own drawbacks, it’s certainly good at brewing perfect cups of coffee, that too fast if you ask me. It doesn’t matter how it looks compared to performance, and you must decide which side to follow.

The 3-year limited warranty, combined with the promised quality of the coffee, seems to justify the price of the BUNN NHS velocity.

However, you should follow your judgment for the final decision. We have a list of top 10 BUNN coffee makers here so check them out as well before making the decision.

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer Review 2020
BUNN NHS Velocity Brew 10-cup Home Coffee Brewer Review 2020
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