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Bidet Toilet Seat BioBidet Bliss

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Why do you need a bidet toilet seat? Why do you need water shooting up your butt? I know questions like these crossed your mind. Let me tell you a secret. Water is more sanitary. Water actually washes away germs that regular toilet paper wipes won’t be able to.

Think about it, do you wipe your hands with paper towels when your hands are dirty or do you wash them with water? So if your hands cannot be properly cleaned with paper towels, why in earth do you think paper towels will clean your butt?

In order to properly clean yourself and keep away from germs you should clean your butt with water instead of smearing with toilet paper. Makes sense?

Well we don’t do that here in the US but now we can with a bidet toilet seat installed on your toilet.

This BioBidet Bliss BB2000 is an awesome bidet toilet seat from what I’ve been able to tell. Let me tell you why. It’s elongated smart toilet seat.  The seat is heated with warm water spray. You can set the temperature you want.

BB2000 bidet seat self cleans using the Hydroflush option. The seat even includes a nightlight which is a welcoming feature. The best part of the seat is the remote control. You can pretty much control almost every functions of the toilet seat.

It comes with 3 in 1 stainless steel nozzle. Offers 3 different washing modes. The lid closes slowly which is pleasing to watch. The seat is eco friendly, comes with energy saving mode which reduces electricity consumption. Since you won’t have to use toilet paper as much, it’s actually environment friendly.

Oscillating wide cleaning and pulsating message technology with bubble infusion makes you enjoy your private time more.

What I would like to see in future updates is: add Google home functionality so I can say “ok Google, wash my butt” . That would be awesome.

Bidet Toilet Seat BioBidet Bliss
Bidet Toilet Seat BioBidet Bliss

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