Best Hair Straightener 2020


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Good hair day or bad hair day, we cannot live without a hair straightener. Finding the best hair straightener from hundreds of hair straighteners can be frustrating and tiresome. How do you find out the best hair straightener for your hair type? What do you consider before buying? Which one is the best? I’m going to answer these questions in this in depth review.

We handpicked top hair straighteners available on Amazon based on real user reviews, experience, build quality, customer ratings and effectiveness,  so you can choose the right hair straightener for your hair type.

Enough said, let me introduce to you my top 10 pick for the best hair straightener of 2020!

Without further ado, let’s find out the best hair straightener of 2020

ModelAuto ShutoffAdjustable HeatMeterialTravel FriendlyDigital DisplayPrice
1. HSI Professional GliderNoYesCeramic 7ourmalineYes - Dual voltage capableNo
2. KIPOZI PRO Flat IronYes - 90 MinutesYes3D floating MCH Ceramic plates covered with TItaniumYes - Dual voltage capableYes
3. KIPOZI Professional TitaniumYesYesTitanium coated floating Ceramic platesYes - Dual voltage capableYes
4. MiroPure Hair Straightener BrushYes - 60 MinutesYesMCH (Metal Ceramic heater)No - 120v onlyYes
5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-ThinNoYesSuper smooth nano Titanium platesNoNo
6. KIPOZI Pro Titanium 1InchYesYesFloating plates advanced Ceramic nano Titanium platesYes - Dual voltage capableYes
7. KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium 1.75”YesYesNano Titanium Ultra Thin platesYes - Dual voltage capableYes
8. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium – MiniNoNo - only 450FNano titanium/ceramic plates.Yes - Dual voltage capableNo
9. HSI Professional Flat IronYesYesNano Titanium Ultra Thin Ceramic Tourmaline platesYes - Dual voltage capableYes
10. Remington S5500YesYesNano Titanium Ultra Thin Ceramic Tourmaline platesYes - Dual voltage capableYes

1. HSI Professional Glider

HSI Professional Glider


Due to extreme popularity of HSI Professional Glider it often goes out of stock. If it’s not available at this moment, you may take a look at HSI Professional hair Straightener. Both of them are identical.

Why Should You Buy HSI Professional Glider?

  • IT DOESN’T DAMAGE HAIR BECAUSE OF MICRO SENSORS: HSI is Equipped with 8 heat balance micro-sensors with the ceramic plate that helps to control regulate the temperature and evenly distributes the heat across the plates so that it requires fewer passes to get your precious hair done. Simple but fast.
  • STRAIGHTENS, FLIPS & CURLS: If you want to straighten, flip and curl your hair with least pain and effort, the HSI Professional Glider is there for you. It lets you create fantastic results on the most dry, frizzy and coarse hair very simple and fast.
  • ADJUSTABLE HIGH HEAT ELIMINATES FRIZZ: The best way to deal with all hair types is when you have adjustable heat settings (between 140 – 450°F) on your hair straightener device. This gives you the ideal control to produce a sleek and shiny look by dealing with all the frizzy hair with the perfect heat required.
  • RESULTS IN SILKY HAIR BECAUSE OF CERAMIC & CRYSTALS: The ceramic plates on the Glider contains a special tourmaline crystal ion plate on top of the ceramic part. This creates a sleek and shiny look on your hair. Plus, you can also do this lesser time.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: The dual voltage (110V – 220V) is an absolute lifesaver as it can work in any corners of the world no matter wherever you take it. Just plug it and start working on your looks freely with the 360 degree swiveling cord.
  • WORKS FOR BANGS: Working on bangs can be a little technical on the Glider. Although the 1 inch gap between its ceramic plates is considered enough for all hair types, you may find it slightly narrow while working on bangs.
  • EXTRAS: HSI Glider ceramic hair straightener comes with HSI guidelines, also complete 1 year warranty and a fancy travel-size Argan oil for in-hair treatment to help smoothen and protect the hair locks.
  • PACKAGING: Your Glider machine may come in two separate color packaging. It will be either red or white.

I tend to complain about hair straighteners a lot but the HSI flat iron really surprised me. The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic flat iron covers about every added feature you’d subtly hope for in any hair styling machine. A machine that uses ionic power of tourmaline to give you a sleek, shiny and smoothened hair with a free moving extensible cord, adjustable heat can only be dreamt at the right price. By now, maybe you are expecting to see a $100 price tag on this. But this is where it gets interesting. The HSI Professional Glider is only offered at half that price, making the HSI Professional flat iron our number 1 pick and the best hair straightener out of the ten best hair straighteners!

Heats up Fast

My favorite feature of HSI Glider is something that will please you is the fast heating feature. All because, it has been built and tested to get the desired and correct temperature in record time. If you’re very picky about time then this is a feature that’s bound to keep you interested.

Also, having a variety of temperature settings make it possible to choose the exact type of heat you need to get your hair done beautifully. Well to be honest, I have asked a lot of people with coarse hair who are using this product and they are getting along very well with their hair styling game with this machine.

Best for Fine Hair

Having thin hair makes it easy to work with this flattening iron. I have thin hair and it’s easy for me to use HSI because, it holds the hair so well without getting caught and I can manage them well with the power adjustment settings.

However, the outcome can be different based on your hair type. Like between me and my sister-in-law, she has much thicker hair and she needs to flatten her hair almost every day. The HSI works like a pro on thick hair as well.

Dual voltage capability

Let me get this straight, offering a travel bag with a hair straightener does not come in handy if it’s not travel friendly. The HSI is capable of operating on dual voltages so you can plug it in and use as you need and that too anywhere in the world, and you would still have great hair.

 No Auto Shut Off features

Although the HSI comes with many fascinating features, the most whacky side is that it does not have an auto-shut off option. This can be a problem if you leave the iron unattended for too long. Maybe if you forget about it while it’s still plugged in, chances are that it can cause a pretty bad accident.

Well not a big problem for me. In my case, I always put on the timer or the alarm on my mobile so that my phone reminds me to turn it off on time even if I forget to do it for some reason. It even helps me not to forget I have ironing to do, there were times I have completely forgotten to do the ironing and got busy doing chores because of no alarm. So this works well for me.


The HSI Professional flat iron is packed with a bunch of other goodies which you won’t find with your regular flattening iron. Along with a fantastic product, you will receive a travel bag and most importantly to avoid accidents they also provide you a pair of heat resistant gloves.

To be honest, I have burnt my hands more times than I can count so the addition of a pair of hand gloves really caught my attention into this. So, overall it’s a win-win situation and a “freebie” for me! Here is the list of accessories you will get with the HSI:

  • Reaches the base of the hair base with ease.
  • Brilliant temperature adjustment facility that keep the temperature constant at the time of using.
  • To achieve great results you don’t need to set it to very high temperature
  • Light weighing hair straightener.
  • Doesn’t put strain on your hair.
  • Consistent results on all types of hair.
  • Good performance and also long endurance time.
  • Easy and safe to operate.
  • Sharply reaches to its maximum temperature with precise timing.
  • You cannot call this a perfect product but under a $50 price tag, you know for sure that it’s the best value product for the price.
  • NO AUTO SHUT-OFF – I knew from the start after reading the HSI manual. But still I bought this knowing that I would badly miss this feature. It is sad to see that it misses the only feature that could have made it a complete hair straightener even so for a $50 price tag.
  • Temperature Control Switch – Both of the temperature control switch and the ON/OFF are positioned in a very awkward place. It’s more towards the inside of the straightener. So when you operate with it you have to be careful so that you do not burn yourself while operating the iron or while adjusting the temperature. For safety measures it would make more sense to put it on the outer side of the machine.
  • The Temperature Control indications are vague– When you have an adjustable temperature settings for your hair straightener, you surely expect it to have a clear indications for the different heat level it has. The HSI is a disappointer in this regard because it just shows a black range in between High/Low temperature which might let you down. I know they sell another model having a digital meter. If you feel you need to see which temperature adjusts to your type of hair, you might want to check that out too.
  • The ON light: It’s kind of dim and you need to look closely and check if it is running or not. This caused me some trouble because I have accidentally left it on twice in two months after I bought this thing. No serious damage but it surely makes me nervous and keeps me thinking about it. The old straightener I owned had an auto shut down button so I didn’t have to worry about turning it off even if I forgot. I would have paid more if I needed to but it would have been great to have auto shutoff on this product.

Is it worth buying?

Don’t be fooled by the ‘cons’ being a bit longer in paragraph than the pros, actually the ‘pros’ are more than double the ‘cons’.

My only concern HSI flat iron is the auto shut off feature. But, it’s not an issue to keep me from recommending it since it’s the best hair straightening device. The HSI team is top-notch and I believe the issues will be dealt with in the next version of the product. Overall, it is a great product for its unbelievable price and the service quality it provides to all types of hair which makes HSI Professional Glider our best hair straightener hands down.

2. KIPOZI PRO Flat Iron


Why Should You Buy Kipozi Pro Flat Iron?

  • A fusion of Titanium covering on the flat iron and use of the advanced MCH ceramic heater and far-infrared technology works like wonder on the hair. It helps to release negative ions and moisten dry hair and transform frizzy, dull hair into gorgeous shiny and sleek looking one.
  • The 3D floating ceramic plates never puts strain on your hair. The 1 inch plate is wide enough to accommodate and glide through all types of hair. But it is always a little complicated when you’re trying to work on bangs allowing you a 2 in 1 feature (Flat Iron & Curling Iron).
  • Changeable temperature settings that are well suited for all hair types:
    270F-320F suited for fragile hair, 330F-380F for damaged hair, 390F-450F perfect for healthy hair type. Now, finding the right heat for your hair is the hard part and by doing that you can get a sleek look on your hair.
  • Digital LCD Display. Auto shut down after 90 minutes of idle time for safety concern. Sharp heating up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit in under 15 seconds. Easy to style your hair and also prevent damage.
  • Dual voltage compatibility (110V-240V) makes it possible to use worldwide, and an 8 feet long swiveling cord capable of moving 360 degrees makes it easy for you to use it anywhere on the go. Making it travel friendly is gives you extra benefits cause in this way you receive a velvet pouch for carrying the iron, a safety lock design for convenience and you get it all in an attractive package.

Smooth and silky hair

If you are in for silky smooth hair-do then Kipozi flat iron is yours for the taking. The charming look you get is because the designers assembled it with a combination of Titanium and Ceramic plates creating a silky, smooth and better finish. You can also thank the non-porous surface.

Comes with a safety lock

The safety lock is a useful feature of Kipozi flat iron especially when you are surrounded by kids. So even if you’re not around while the iron is on, you can stay relaxed because the lock feature can stop the kids from pestering.

Get Your Curl On

My hair gives me a curly look but only because it is frizzy. With ordinary flattening irons, if I have to go for a nice curl then I would have to straighten my hair first and then go for traditional curling. But that’s too mainstream and time consuming. But with this iron you can get both done in a few strokes. All you need to do is to move your wrist for as much curl you want. As you twist more, you will get more curl. This isn’t possible to do on all straighteners so it definitely gives you all the more reason to buy it.

Heats up fast

KIPOZI pro flat iron is has a killer performance. Give it just 30 seconds and it will take the plates from stone cold to fiery hot. Just plug it in, give it a snap and you’re ready to get going with your flat iron in no time.

Low Electric Bill

Don’t be startled by KIPOZI’s professional service yet with low electric consumption. This is because the key lies in the titanium wrapped ceramic plates. Ceramic is best known for holding heat for a long time and adding titanium coating on top of that makes it even more perfect.

Apart from the material secret, have you noticed that the “Heating” signal light comes ON and goes OFF every now and then?  This is because, the iron turns itself on and off to maintain an even flow of heat. To say it simply, the iron sends pulses of high heat to the plates to heat it up as much as the system instructs to and then stops sending out heat until the temperature starts to fall noticeably.

Now common sense implies that the more heat the plates are going to contain, the less electricity it needs to consume to send those electric pulses, which results in low electric bill.


Most user feedbacks I have read says that the KIPOZI hair straightener has lived up to its hype and all are satisfied with the tourmaline, ceramic and the stunning 3D plates. Now, I know you are impressed with all these breathtaking features because I am just as excited to buy this one as you are. Highly recommending to check it out now.

  • Heats up pretty fast and leaves me with a shiny straight hair after I am done.
  • Dual voltage iron which is very handy.
  • Digital Display: The Digital Display meter gives the KIPOZI Pro an even better finished look. I love it.
  • Professional device with a likewise price.
  • Comes in Pink!
  • The biggest problem I faced is that it doesn’t slide through my hair as smoothly as I had expected it to. Even though, it doesn’t limit the hair straightening capability but it does affect the overall performance.
  • I have some doubts if the plates are durable enough for use over long time.
  • Needs to be turned on manually every time before use. On top of that, it doesn’t remember the last used temperature. So, each time you have to set your desired temperature before use.
  • No heat resistant gloves included which is a risk. The plate surface can get very hot when using so they should have packed a pair of gloves along with the package.

3. KIPOZI Professional Titanium

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Why Should You Buy Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron?

  • A special 1.75-inch floating plate hair flat iron for full contact on the hair and snag free while moving on the hair. Most flat irons in the market will give you 1 inch plates but this one gives you an extra 0.75 inch for easy use.
  • Titanium coating on the ceramic plates assures the even distribution of heat. This makes certain that your hair becomes shiny and silky smooth after use.
  • Ergonomically designed handle made to sustain heat and regular usage. The round edge design is more suitable for you hand and overall use.
  • Free swiveling power cord which is 8 feet long also does not tangle.
  • Auto shutoff
  • Temperature settings can be changed ranging from 170F – 450F. Smartly handles the heat flow in the iron and auto shut down after 90 minutes of utility.
  • Things you will receive: 1 incredible straightener, 1 velvet pouch for travelling, 1 information guide, and money return security within warranty time.

Save time and stress with fewer strokes of the iron taking large chunks of hair strains with KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron. To make you look good and save time with great hair, it has 1.75 inch wide plates that can contain good amount of hair as you stroke your hair from top to bottom. Plus, the titanium plates further allow even distribution of heat in the plates and makes it certain that you have silky beautiful hair.

Auto shutdown feature is a lifesaver and will save you the trouble of forgetting to turn it off. I can vouch that it is made to last long because of its durable construction.

Build quality and accessories

The packaging comes in a nice looking box and comes with a flawless velvet pouch for travel time carrying. The plates look okay and wide.

Temperature control and fast heating capability

It is amazing how you can set your exact needed temperature and how you can reach the peak point in less than a minute. The plates are very smooth and you will have no doubts on that. I put the max temperature on the iron and it was ready to do its thing in just 10 seconds.

Easy for the hands

I like how they put soft grippers on the end for better grip. It helps to grab it close to the plates as I pass through my hair.

Tangle free cord

I love how they made the cord tangle free. My other straightener cord always got tangled during use and it was irritating but however, this cord is fixed at the base with a protector and allows it to spin freely in both ways and does not get tangled.

LED digital display

The digital display makes the heat setting process very straightforward and simple owing to that fact that the LED screen is bright and the numbers are promptly visible.

How good is it?

I want to be clear on this because, you can definitely fight frizz and thick hair in fewer passes and also be able to pull off a silky and shiny hair with this straightener. Not only does it leave great result but it is also very durable. You can save time and money with this and trust me, who doesn’t want that?

  • Price is just right.
  • Quick heating with no problems.
  • Elegant and stylish look.
  • Simple to use and ergonomic build to fit well into the hands.
  • No issues with accidentally touching the + or – buttons to control. Give it two passes and your hair is done.
  • Visuals on the LED screen is bright and easy to read.
  • Best salon quality hair straightener at the most competitive price.
  • Noticeably soft and silky hair
  • Heats up very quickly.
  • Plates are comparatively large.
  • A lot of heat settings to choose from.
  • Freely swiveling cord and tangle free.
  • Weighs relatively more than other straighteners.

Is it worth buying?

A sure 5 star satisfaction guaranteed with this straightener and I would definitely vouch for this one! You would be happy to hear that I’ve been talking about this product with everyone I know who uses a hair straightener. I honestly think you will not regret buying this at all!

4. MiroPure Hair Straightener Brush

MiroPure Hair Straightening Brush

Why Should You Buy MiroPure Hair Straightener Brush?

  • Double Ionic Generator:  MiroPure hair straightener brush provides your hair with smooth and silky, lustrous natural look by sealing the hair cuticles. The hair straightener brush reduces split ends and knotting.
  • 16 Heat settings: This heating brush provides 16 different heat settings which provides you with total control of your hairstyling needs.
  • Auto Shut Off: MiroPure hair brush is equipped with auto shut off feature so even if you forget to switch it off it will shutdown after 60 minutes.
  • Auto Temperature Lock: Auto temperature lock feature ensures the hair straightening brush always stays at the optimum temperature so it is always ready. You won’t have to wait for it to get hot before you can start straightening your hair in between two sessions. This is especially useful for those moments you are in hurry.
  • SNAGGING AND TUGGING FREE SWIVEL CORD: MiroPure’s 360°swiveling long cord gives more control over the hair straightening brush while working with your hair, creating great advantage over the floating plates.
  • Fast Heating: This superb hair straightening brush offers MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater), an advanced heating standard for the hair straighteners. Proven to heat in 1 minutes, energy saving, made to sustain and reduces overall time on the styling and straightening.
  • User Friendly Hair Straightener Brush, BEST CHOICE FOR TRAVELING: MiroPure gives you all in one package for hair in all situations that you don’t want to miss. You receive a straightening brush, heat resistant gloves, user manual and a carrying bag.
  • Dual Voltage Capable? However, it’s not dual voltage capable so you wont be able to use it on your next Europe tour. This hair straightening brush is 120v, 60hz AC capable only so you can use it with the US and countries that runs on 120v AC. Here’s a list of countries that support 120v AC.
  • 6 Months Guarantee: This straightener includes a 6 month tension free guarantee. Also, any suggestions for improvement and customer support is available 24hrs every day.

Simple and Easy to Use Hair Straightener Brush:

Simply designed for easy use. Comes with switches for temperature adjustment and LED indicator shows the exact temperature of the brush and also when it reaches the desired level. Powering the iron is easy, just plug it in your 120V 60Hz power outlet.

Smart Features

Adjustable temperature between 300°F – 450°F. Has a power button, a plus button to increase the heat and a minus button to decrease. Heats up sharply in under 60 seconds, Auto shutdown option, freely swiveling cord that rotates 360 degrees and tangle-free cord.

The temperature display shows the current temperature of the brush so you know exactly how hot it is. This is a very useful feature.

Design and Build Quality:

The straightener brush is nicely designed, I love the black and purple color combination. The brush is sturdy, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break during your daily operation. The handle doesn’t get hot, making the straightener brush comfortable for prolonged use.

The attractive package also includes – Heat resistant glove, user manual and a carrying bag.

Adjustable Temperature Settings:

So here’s the deal, you get to choose from 16 different temperature settings based on your hair type.

This is the best hair straightening brush that includes a life saver auto shutoff system.

How good is it?

Talking about good makes me realize that I have been using one of the best products in the market all along. Not only does it make my hair super shiny but, it also makes it super soft and you would hardly notice any damage. Superb quality at a competitive price and you’d definitely want that.

  • 16 Different temperature settings
  • Digital display to monitor temperature
  • Wider teeth
  • Can do my whole head in 3-5 minutes
  • Works incredibly well with wavy, medium-thick hair
  • 2 in 1 MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) ionic straightening brush
  • Light weight, very well made and feels nice to hold
  • Stylish design, sturdy box, packaged beautifully. The heat resistant glove is the nicest glove I’ve ever received with a hair straightener
  • Fast heating, heats in 60 seconds
  • Automatically heats to 350 degrees once you turn it on
  • Temperature: 150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F)
  • 360 degrees rotatable and tangle-free power cord makes it convenient for use
  • Auto temperature lock
  • Good quality accessories
  • Great for touch ups
  • The brush is a little on the larger side,  it’s a bit tricky to get the shorter under hairs straightened. It’s not to easy to do the smaller areas
  • You have to section out the hair and slowly do small sections at a time
  • It’s quicker than the regular hair straighteners but not as effective
  • If you have heavy or thick hair you may have to swipe sections of your hair two or even three times to get them completely straightened
  • Difficult to clean

Is it worth buying?

Overall I love the brush, the bag comes in handy to separate the brush from the others. I love the glove. This works great on my hair because, its quicker, my hair runs flawlessly on the brush.

I’m a fan,

This is my go-to brush when I need a straight look or in a hurry. So yup! Definitely recommended!

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • Corrosion resistant high heat conducting super smooth titanium plates
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the ultra-light weighing design
  • Sustainable power cord
  • Ceramic heater holds the sharp heat-up and recovery options
  • All in all 50 heat settings!! Heats up to 450°F in record time

Before you decide buying it, please check out the recent reviews on Amazon. It looks like the reviews from 2016 and 2017 were pretty bad, some users stated the straightener they received were may be fake or faulty. Recent reviews look OK however. Please note, the performance of a hair straightener may vary upon hair types.

You can definitely rely on Babyliss since they are a popular brand but don’t buy the wrong straightener because of the brand.

When it comes to dress your hair like a professional, no other hair straightener comes close to the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium. Straight off, I am a Babyliss product aficionado. And this baby right here is one of the hottest in their lineup.

Simply thinner than most flat irons you’ll find in the market. To that end, the designed made it in such a way that allows better grip and more control. Treating a color dyed hair is easy with this machine and it gives me closer access to the scalp because of its thin width.

However, I suggest you should read the user manual for a better experience with the heat settings with your hair type.

Adjustable temperature control

Best feature in the market with 50 different hair settings to choose from. That’s so amazing! I can look up what temperature I need for my hair, let it heat, just straighten it up nicely and bam. You got the look you wanted. I really wish it was digital cause it would have been a lot easy but with a few tries you will get the hang of which setting suits you best. Like I don’t know what 25 on the dial means. Is it 250F?

No auto shut off feature

No auto shut down feature which is a turn off. It’s easy to burn your house if you forget to switch it off. I want the auto shut down feature in this machine. Maybe they will consider putting in the next models.

Build quality

Perfect sized Nano Titanium plates makes it easy to make smooth passes on my short hair. The slim width of the iron is perfect and allows for great maneuver.


There is enough problem with a short cord. So, to put everything out of excuse they’ve added a very large cord so that you have no problem dealing with it.

How good is it?

Professional straightener giving the looks of professional hands – soft hair, shiny, sleek look. Everyone loves it.

  • Works like wonder on super thick hair.
  • 50 different adjustable temperature settings to choose from and for the right combination of your hair.
  • Super-fast heating iron
  • No reported snags while working on the pass.
  • Thin body gives a better grip on the straightener and makes it easy to curl under the ends.
  • Creates a gorgeous look (from a man’s perspective)
  • Temperature can bounce from (240F – 450F) based on your hair texture.
  • Swiveling cord moves freely and it is intangible.
  • Being super thin makes it easy to reach closer to the scalp with minimum toil.
  • Curling and straightening – both can happen at the same time with this iron.
  • Comes with longer cord than most other flat irons in the market.
  • Fights frizz and levels up your style game on your hair.
  • ON/OFF switch placed in a very unlikely place. I didn’t like it.
  • The plate seems a little loose near the bottom end of the iron and it grabs my hair. It hurts to pull it out of there. You’ll not notice this unless you use the full length of the flat iron on your hair.

Is it worth buying?

I am so excited about this hair straightener that I keep telling about it to everyone I know who loves to work on their hair. I love this hair straightener and it’s a must have in your collection. 5 star satisfaction guaranteed.

Note: Babyliss has defined themselves as a prominent brand and their product comes in best quality. A few years back people complained about receiving identical BaByliss product but of lesser quality. But I guess recent reviews on Amazon tells me they have dealt with this problem efficiently. Still, contact your BaByliss provider for more insurance on a quality product.

6. KIPOZI Pro Titanium 1Inch

KIPOZI Pro Flat Iron with Titanium Plate 1Inch

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • Advanced ceramic heaters equipped with Nano titanium that gives a constant high temperature while releasing negative ions. Straightens hair very fast and leaves it with moisture.
  • Floating plates works the best when dealing with zero pinching or when pulling the hair. On top of that, the far-infrared technology evens your cuticles producing a shiny finish.
  • 2 in 1 function (curling and flattening) done with the 1 inch plates that does the work of 2 salon tools. Clearly visible LCD display with “Sleep Mode / Auto Shutdown option” after 90 minutes usage time. Plus, a lock feature to avoid altering the preferred settings while using.
  • Flexible settings for assigning heat that ranges between 170F to 450F. Get you salon quality finish with the press of one button and for all hair types. Fight frizz, give curls, straighten healthy or damaged hair – it always leaves you with a beautiful finish.
  • Globally suitable dual voltage (100V-240V). An 8-foot long, 360-degree swiveling and tangle-free cord. Come with an exquisite package and a velvet pouch.

I call this KIPOZI hair straightener a piece of perfection, but to be factful I have much more to say than just this. I’m blonde with natural beachy curls on my hair and I did not have it trimmed like around 18 months so, I was nervous before using the flat iron on my hair.

After I have used this KIPOZI flat iron, my hair looks better than ever and I keep getting compliments from everyone. I’m super impressed about it and the best part of it is the adjustable temperature settings and no hair damage.

Digital display

The digital screen is there to keep you perfectly informed about its status. See the temperature settings, lock mode, and power ON/OFF – all on the digital display.

Temperature control system

Easy to use buttons and quick heat settings for your choosing. Depending on the condition of your hair, you can choose the temperature settings numerically and get the iron heated in under 20 seconds! That’s amazing!

Good build quality

I had no struggle with button position on the outer side of the straightener. Although they get in the way of the iron’s grip but I had no issues as I lock it up as soon as it starts heating. The plates are great and smooth and doesn’t snag the hair.


Long lasting and elongated cord.

Dual voltage

Compliant with dual voltage makes it a perfect item for carrying worldwide.

  • High quality hair straightener.
  • Heats up rapidly.
  • Hair settings for multiple hair types.
  • Three separate buttons for maneuvering the temperature makes it easy to use and set the preferred temperature settings.
  • Easy to hit the adjustment settings mistakenly while being used.

Is it worth buying?

If I were to judge this product solely on its usage, I would pick it over a few others for sure. Absolutely loved it!

7. KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium 1.75”

KIPOZI Pro Nano-Titanium 1.75 inch

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • Evenly ensures heat distribution with its 1.75 inch Ultimate Titanium plates and drops a polished look on your hair. 30 seconds heat up time for Keratin Treatment.
  • Nice looking gift pack comes with a colorful travel pouch. Universally accepted travel 100-240V AC voltage that self-adjusts when connected with a suitable adapter.
  • 2 in 1 salon grade tool with a key-press style having both straightening and curling features. Equipped with a clearly visible LCD display and ensures the nano-Titaniam plates stay full in contact with your hair and is snag free when straightening hair.
  • Automated Shut-off feature for safety.
  • Alterable temperature settings starting from 170F to 450F (80C-230C) that is fitted to suit all hair types.
  • What you receive: 1 attractive straightener, 1 cute velvet travelling pouch, 1 info guide, and money return guarantee within time limit.

A well working device that supports no doubts. The KIPOZI flat iron is easy to use, snag-free and heats up in a snap. Works well with all types of hair – thin to thick, damaged to healthy and all types. I’m super excited every time I get to have a sleek look that I can pull off with this baby.

Even more surprising that it has settings for fine and dyed hair. A nice long intangible swiveling cord makes it easy to use and auto shuts off the device after use. And lock settings are a life saver when you are working your way up and down your hair and you don’t want to change it accidentally.

Adjustable temperature control:

Accelerated heating and comes with three temperature options which are: for weak or delicate hair, for damaged and healthy hair.

Dual voltage:

Temperature is adjustable in different settings. Offers dual voltage (100V-240V) so that you can use it in and outside US/Europe. Comes with a useful toggle system to keep it safe while storing.

Auto shutoff features:

The presets are very convenient to work with cause its auto timer shuts down the iron in case I let it slip from my memory.

Build quality:

Loved the wider plates, the carrying pouch and the case. Can’t thank enough for the wider plates because they take a lot of hair and heat them up at once.

  • Heats up real fast.
  • Variable settings depending on hair condition.
  • Takes half the time to straighten my hair.
  • Gives my hair a shiny look.
  • No snag.
  • Can be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit based on preference.
  • Well packed and equipped with a storage bag
  • Includes a grip in the front section of the straightener but it gets hot since it’s not heat resistant. You can use the front clasps for extra support but you may end up burning your finger after a while.

Is it worth buying?

I love this brand. The straightener works well on my hair with no snags for real! I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to find this working just like I wanted. No reported hair damage and a super great product at a great price. Overall, definitely recommended.

8. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium – Mini

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • The Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium is made with Nano Titanium – Ceramic plates.
  • Goes as close to the scalp as possible
  • 6 inches long – excellent for travel time carrying
  • Instant heating, as high as 440°F
  • Universally adaptable dual voltage

Build quality:

The overall quality is appreciable. The blades are large and easy to slide. I have a medium length thick hair and it takes me 5 minutes to get my hair done. The plug is a disappointment as it is not a European standard. I had to use an adapter to make it work. And not to mention, the machine is light, weighing just over a pound.

Dual voltage capability

Putting a dual voltage system in this iron was a smart move. In spite of being smaller than usual flat irons, this mini flat iron serves well in all situations. I carried this on my trip to Spain. Before that, I was undecided what iron to pick and I did some background check to find out that this one is perfect. Altogether, my trip, my look and my hair was equally perfect.

Heats up fast

Speedy heating is one of the compelling features of the BaByliss PRO. You won’t get any chance to go for chores with this on the plug. Like I said, it takes less time and adds more style.

How good is it?

With all things considered, this one proved to be a perfect mini flat iron. It leaves my hair smooth, shiny and straight and coupled with that it leaves no frizz. With one slide you will feel the difference.

  • Palm sized mini flat iron makes it easy to surely fit in purses.
  • The heat pads work well and comes in small gum-sized shape.
  • Thumb pads are designed to be heat resistant. Makes it comfortable to hold and use.
  • Sufficient heat to get a good hair look.
  • Granted that added ½ inch is well suited for bobs or shorter hair then again, anything longer than this is sure to cost you more time.
  • No safety tested logo found on the product. UL certified or anything. (I may have missed it somehow)
  • The little rubber on the hand grip part gets distressingly hot pretty fast. Like it gets very hot to hold if you just plug it in and heat it for 5 minutes.

Is it worth buying?

All things considered, I would say that it is a fantastic iron to have. The color looks good and the finishing is great. Large blades, small sized, great in action and overall worth the money.

Note: By all means BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium is a well favored brand. All inclusive, their irons are just fantastic and of top-notch quality. But however, many customers reported on Amazon about receiving fabricated BaByliss irons a few years ago. Although, recent customer reviews indicate that they have taken care of this issue. Nevertheless, contact BaByliss before purchase and ensure that you are getting the right product because surely they won’t disappoint you.

9. HSI Professional Flat Iron

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • Ceramic Tourmaline plates are 100% genuine and made of cutting-edge infrared heat technology. Also equipped with a free heat resisting glove, a 5ml mini bottle of Argan oil for using with the conditioner and a heat pouch for storage.
  • Alterable temperature settings (240F – 450F) and digital LCD Temperature Control.
  • NOTE: To turn on the iron, you must hold the power button close to 3 seconds for activation and heating up.
  • Flip & Curl: Designed with a round shaped body makes it easy to do one of a kind flips and curly styles.

The HSI Professional flat iron is comparatively better featured than most of its competition in the market. Having said that, I found this iron to be very suitable for my hair type. I have thick and wavy hair and I have to see the heat control settings to know that it suits my hair. It doesn’t require enough heat to get my hair done and also I get compliments from people. I did the same with my niece’s hair which is much thicker and curly and it created a wonderfully smooth look on her at the top heat (450F).

Heats up fast

I am thoroughly impressed with the fast heating capability of HSI Professional flat iron. Unlike other mid-ranged hair straighteners on the market, this one takes up moderate heat and get my hair work done and also in a short time.

Auto shutoff

Self-working shut down is a lifesaver option. Especially if you are forgetful like I am this is going to be helpful in many ways. I love that it’s there to save me the stress to turn it off every time.


The LCD display on the HSI Pro looks good spot on. It’s also good because I feel it’s important to see and know what hair settings and temperature suits best on you. I have thick and wavy hair so it takes me almost 450 to get me a smooth and shiny hair.


The cord is of good quality and thick so it doesn’t get damaged easily. You can tie it together with the Velcro wrapper that it on the cord.


Not only does it arrive in a sweet looking box, but it also had a red plush bag as protection for the straightener. They provided a heat resistant glove, a carrying pouch and a mini bottle of Argan oil. All in all, it will be in your good interest to receive such gifts with a good flattening iron.

How good is it?

The guys at HSI tried to make this the best hair straightener in your possession. To that end, the flat iron is designed with ceramic-tourmaline with ionic properties for the best finishes. What’s more, this iron gives you the best results with curls, straightening, fighting frizz, shiny look and much more.

  • Quick heater as advertised.
  • Good looking and painless cleaning.
  • No reported hair burns or damage.
  • Holds heat up to 450F and additionally smoothens the hair instantly on contact.
  • Extra impression points for the heat resisting glove and Argan oil.
  • The temperature adjustment button has only a few reading. A digital LCD would have been nice.
  • There’s a faint smell while the heater is warming.

Is it worth buying?

By contrast, the HSI Professional flat iron has very competitive features than its featured rivals in the market. For a good product like this, I would definitely invest my money again. After all, it does work well on my hair. You should try it too.

10. Remington S5500

Remington S5500

Why Should You Buy Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin?

  • Static-free Technology offers 50% less static.
  • Protection layer made of Titanium for fast heating and better styling.
  • Heats up to 410°F.
  • Assembled with a pair of ceramic plates; each one inch long ensuring incredible performance for both long and short hair with excellence.
  • Compatible for both straight and wavy hair types with a touch of professional expert.
  • Full digital control system.

With the brilliant touch of a hair expert, fight frizz and flyaway hair with the Remington straightener S5500 and give yourself the look you would get from a professional hair expert. You can get all the features you want on this hair straightening machine – fast heating, smooth glide, reduce static electricity, fight frizz, you name it and it’s all right there. On top of that, you have two 1 inch ceramic plates on the flat iron that works like a charm on your hair. The specially designed Anti-Static Technology reduces the static electricity generated from the hair helps to retain your hair life and quality. Now, I will be honest here. Any flat iron that supports preserving my hair health makes me keen about it.

High temperature of 410 degrees

Owing to the superior quality features, the Remington straightener S5500 is similar in quality to most other flat irons you would find in the salon. Plus, it also gives you a maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best hair straightener for fine to normal hair

If you are in for results right off the bat then, this product is for you. Let’s say it is guaranteed to show results on multiple hair types – thick, coarse, wavy, curly or thin hair. But it won’t be as sweet and desirable as what you will get with a better professional standard hair straightener.

Controls static electricity

The guys at Remington made a smart tradeoff with the model S5500.  It gives off fewer negative ions while flat ironing in order to retain the best quality of hair in exchange for reduced static electricity with time and usage. One thing the S5500 locks on to, is that its anti-static technology which vows to reduce the staticity in your hair. But, whether or not the decreased ionic power is a problem for you depends on how often you plan to use it, your intentions to use high quality heat protectants and much more.

  • Swift Heating.
  • Suitable for both curling and straightening.
  • Simple adjustable settings.
  • Sharply increases temperature.
  • Simple to use Digital Temperature Control system
  • It comes in Purple color!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • I found it a little difficult to clear out near the ends of my hair cause the machine wont slide evenly on from there. In fact, I had to pull it harder than I usually have to. But you don’t need to be very concerned because it depends on the hair type. It may or may not happen to you depending totally on your hair type.
  • The iron came with a Type A plugin port which was very painful for me. I had to use an adapter to solve this problem. (my country uses Type C & G)
  • I still feel a slightly frizzy hair even after thorough use but it surely gets reduces a lot.

Is it worth buying?

Nothing in this world is perfect and it would never last forever. But if you look to use something for a long time then the Remington straightener S5500 would not disappoint you and that’s a promise. I used this for quite some time because of its anti-staticity feature, adjustable temperature settings and digital temperature meter and quick heating. On a personal level, I wouldn’t mind using it again because it gave me a good service for a long time. While most users will be down and out talking over the importance of heat protectant ions versus the anti-staticity control, the Remington S5500 can be a fantastic addition to your hair care routine and will be sure to rock your needs with a simple yet inexpensive hair straightener. All things considered, Remington S5500 is our second best hair straightener.

Best Hair Straightener.

It was never easy to pick the best straightener when you can easily be trapped under a pile of hair irons to choose from. I had to ensure you top quality but not at the risk of your hair’s health, I have been suggested and tried a wide combo of products that keep the hair super straight all day.

We have combined the 10 best hair straighteners so you can figure which one is the best suited for your hair. Having tons of brands to choose from like – SI Professional, Remington, KIPOZI and Babyliss, there is a hair straightener that would suit any hair type and also your best interest.

The best features I found would surprise you too, which are –

  • Sleep Mode – Automatically turns off the iron after 30 mins.
  • Adjustable Temperature Setting – Set your preferred level of heat.
  • Rotatable Cords – Make your style game easier with free movement from the base.

Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression. It is so much an important part of a person’s personality that you cannot simply hide it. It says that a good hair is 90% of a perfect selfie. True enough if you can take your hair style game to the next level, and you cannot do that without a quality hair straightener.

There’s so much you can do with a good quality professional hair straightener – smoothening messy hair, putting on waves, adding tight curly perms and what not! It can work wonders on your style game if you just know why to use it and how to use it. But first, I will tell you why you should use the best hair straightener.

I know it can get painful to buy the best flat iron if you don’t own one or going for a brand new one. I often complain when I go to buy a new crimping iron and that’s because the info for each product is simply too much.

It seems you have to know it all to pick the best straightener! That’s too much pain for comfort and I feel you. But not today because I’m sparing you the trouble to sort between hundreds of styling products and giving you the best on my list.

The good news is that your hair damaging days are over. Before you ask me why I’ll tell it to you straight away. It’s because the hair straightening industry is far beyond its days of damaging your hair while giving you the sleek and shiny look. Now you don’t have to compensate quality for looks because you can get both at the same time with the same device. When you have a wide range of heat protection sprays to choose from and perfected irons to give you both hair protection and good shiny look, there is no reason you should cut it off from your list of style products.

If you’re looking for the best hair straightener, look no further, check out our reviews above and grab one that suits your need.


I have to warn you about not getting your hands burnt while doing the ironing. So, it’s best if you wear gloves while straightening your hair. However, this does not only go with hair straighteners because it’s also true for any other styling products that works with heat. Wearing gloves will not only spare the accidents but it will also ease your tensions so that you’ll be able to work on your hair like you want.

It’s important to know that when you are using a curling iron make sure to increase the temperature gradually from low to high settings while working on your hair. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, this is going to be the best advice I can offer. If you start from a reasonably high temperature, it can get surprisingly hot and might get your hair damaged in the process. You definitely don’t want that to happen. But as you spend more time, you’ll get used to your products. Probably then you will not need to follow so many precautionary steps.

To prevent accidents use heat resistant gloves.

Also note, for those type of hair straighteners that doesn’t come with an auto timer, it’s in your best interest to set up a timer on your phone so that you don’t forget to turn it off after use. is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Sellers provide a commission from their profit.