The Best Above Ground Pools on Amazon

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Best above ground pools for the family – Backyard pool

#1 Intex 28273EH rectangular above ground pool

(15000+ positive reviews on Amazon)


This Intex backyard above ground swimming pool is the best for hot summers. The pool is a hit on Amazon thanks to the quality of materials supplied, excellent price  and comes with a good pump. It had received 15000+ positive user reviews. The pool is easy to setup, comes in different sizes and durable. Whether you’re looking for a pool for your dogs or if you want to jump in when the weather is hot, this is the pool you’re looking for.

#2 Intex 26373EH Ultra XTR rectangular above ground pool


This is a full size pool. It’s big, takes hours of work to setup and takes time to fill it up but once it’s set up and ready, you can have a blast with friends and family. It’s big enough to accompany all your friends. Intex sends you everything you need to set this thing up but it’s a good idea to use a dolly to move this thing.

#3 Intex 18ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth & Pool Cover


If you’re looking for a mid sized pool that comes with pump, ladder, ground cloth and pool cover. This is it. This pool is a great fit for the family.

Mini pools for the kids

#4 Intex 10 Foot x 30 Inch Pool


This pool doesn’t need any tool to setup. It’s a super cheap and super fast mini pool for the kids. The bad news is it’s not a regular size pool so give up on the idea if you wanted to have a blast with your friends. Let the kids have fun.

#5 Homech Inflatable pool for the kids


The perfect little blowup pool you’d want in your backyard. Kids will love it, if you ever had a dream to float on a full size raft during the hot summer days, now you can have that perfect private time of yours. The pool is a popular choice, it has 8500+ reviews on Amazon. It takes almost no time to setup, just make sure if your backyard isn’t flat, set the pool so the drainage pipe follows the downward slope.

Above ground pool cover


A must have for your round pool. It’s cheap but the build quality is solid. Will survive storms and winters.

Solid ladder for your Above ground pool


A must have for your round pool. It’s cheap but the build quality is solid. Will survive storms and winters. The roll down safety guards will keep the kids away from the pool. This is a very important safety feature. Check it out.

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