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It made no sense to me but the kiddos love it! This little toy baby walker helps develop motor skills, encourage creativity, role playing activities and several other skills. It helps learning to walk as well.

Why a baby walker for your toddler?

While babies pretty much move on their own, it’s a good idea to provide them some support to get them up and start moving. This is where baby walker comes into play. Babies starts walking when they are around one year old. It’s best to provide them a toddler walker not only to make them start walking but to develop motor skills, imagination and different other skills. This interactive baby push along walker toy is the best baby walker you can get for your toddler.

Baby push toys for walking

What’s good:

This interactive baby walker has a removable play panel which has different levels of toys and learning options. It features two colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, five piano keys and 3 light up buttons that develop different levels of skills. 5 piano keys encourages creativity by by playing music on key press. 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters and 3 light up buttons develop motor skills. The toy contains over 70 songs, music, sound effects and fun phrases so your baby can sing along and have fun. The telephone handset develops role playing skills. The wheels work on wooden, hard or carpeted floors. The baby push toy is meant for toddler’s from 9 to 3 years old. Your baby can walk along or play sitting.

Watch little Benjamin walking with his push walker on this Youtube video. He keeps clapping at his own success though lol, so cute! (Attention: this baby walker isn’t the same walker we reviewed).

Little Benjamin walking with his push walker


  • Wheels have two settings, slow and fast. Set slow for the hard floor. This is the optimal setting for the hard floor and will not run away from your child. You might want to use the fast setting if your kid mostly use it on carpet.
  • The volume of the music is set to an optimal level, not too loud and not too low to not be audible.
  • Handle is placed at perfect height for babies.
  • Different activities a baby can do on it wont bore your little one.
  • The music keeps the babies entertained for hours.
  • Different segments entertain different age group of toddlers.
  • Frustration free packaging
  • Sturdy build quality, wont break even if it’s rammed hard on floor or wall.


  • A little more grip on the tires wouldn’t hurt it.
  • The phone is small, it’s easy for the baby to playfully lose it

Why should you choose this baby push walker?

Yes I know, we don’t like this baby push walker that much either but toddlers love it! It develops motor skills, communication skills, roll playing skills as well as creativity. This baby walker keeps the babies busy for hours, they may experience 1-2 fall during its lifetime with your toddler but that’s normal. It’s actually helpful in a good way since your little one will learn to stand up again. You don’t have to take our words for it, check out the reviews of 8500+ parents on Amazon.

This durable toy is fun to interact with, comes with 2AA batteries. Loved by 9 months to 3 year olds.

Baby Push Along Walker – Best Baby Walker
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