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Hatch Baby Night Light


Worried about your kids left in the dark whole night long? Or perhaps your kid gets scared of the darkness. Light up your toddlers room with the amazingly popular Hatch baby night light.

The night light is a multi functional device. It includes a color changing night light, sound machine and wake up alert mode. The device is very easy to use, you can customize and operate it from your phone.

Things you can customize:

  • Customize color
  • Adjust sound
  • Adjust brightness
  • Adjust volume level
  • Set automatic turn off and on based on your toddlers sleeping schedule
  • You can set noise while feeding your newborn

The Hatch baby night light creates the optimum environment for your baby to sleep by creating an ideal sleeping environment with it’s soft light.

If your kid doesn’t like the setting you set, it is possible for your kid to change the settings manually.

The app can control multiple devices simultaneously. So if you wanted to get more than one, you can do so with the peace of mind. The 8 preset noises include:

  1. Campfire noise
  2. Wind
  3. Rain
  4. Water
  5. Ocean
  6. Dryer
  7. White noise
  8. Birds

You can play 3 different music sounds as well. You can also turn the lights off leaving the only the sound running.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab the baby night light today, let your toddler sleep better.

Hatch Baby Night Light
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