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3M N95 Mask 8511, One of the Best N95 Respirators

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The 3M N95 mask 8511 is effective in filtering 95% of air particles and airborn virus or bacteria.


  • Filter efficiency of at least 95% against certain oil-free particles and aerosols
  • Less heat build-up inside the respirator thanks to 3M cold flow valve
  • The breather valve makes it easier to breathe
  • Adjustable M nose clip stops air from getting in around your nose
  • Headbands are stretchable and braided
  • Lightweight, can be used daily and for a long period of time
  • RECOMMENDED for dust relief and some particles found during sanding projects (bare wood, painted surfaces without lead or drywall), grinding, sawdust, garbage, fiberglass insulation installation, virus outbreaks
  • Effective against wildfire smokes
  • The respirator is reusable until its filter is OK

The designation “N95” means that respirators block at least 95% of the tiny particles that come into contact with the filter. Besides using the N95 respirator, you should also protect yourself from viral infection by washing your hands regularly and using a hand sanitizer.

How effective is the 3M N95 mask?

3m n95 mask

3M N95 masks are designed to filter airborn particles.

“It seems that N95 respirators, as expected, protect against the acquisition of the virus through medical care,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. However, do not touch the outside of the mask after use, as it is possible that the virus remains outside the mask and can infect you. Always read the instructions before use.

The mask fits better and there’s no noticeable dust leakage if worn right. The mask is thick as it has 2 part construction in depth. The outside of the N95 mask is rigid while the interior is softer. The soft interior of the mask follows the curves of your face. The breather valve makes it easier to breath. Thanks to the breather, your glasses wont fog up. The 3M N95 mask is recommended by the CDC.

3M N95 Mask 8511, One of the Best N95 Respirators
3M N95 Mask 8511, One of the Best N95 Respirators
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    World Health Organization (WHO) says in an interview.

    Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting 2019-nCoV.
    From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

    Read the full article here

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